Flying Circus Airshow - Not Cancelled


In the twenty twenty pandemic cancellation of the week. We have the The Flying Circus as I think it's canceled right David. You put this on the list. Yeah. They cancelled it. Why is you put this on the list because they were doing their fiftieth season starting says there they were to reopen last Saturday the twelfth. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So it's not a canceled See we're coming out the far side of this. You gotta read the fine print do I don't This is Virginia which is not. I don't like. So for starters here. So let's go back a couple of steps here. What is the Flying Circus here? Show I. Don't know if I've ever heard of this never heard flying circus. It built in. Virginia. It's been going on forever. Charlie fifty years or something like that. They were supposed to start their fiftieth season this past weekend It's a Sunday. Afternoon tradition. Their. Suburban D. and it's a real barnstorming show. Circa the nineteen thirties. With by planes and wing walkers and aerobatics and. Drunk drunken farmer. act. In. Shirt. It all that stuff. That's an act. Drunken farmers and act. Man All right. All Right Santa, Claus will will straighten out later on in the year. This sounds very reminiscent of the What's the one in upstate new? York rhinebeck writing rhinebeck sounds. Now. You know I lived in DC area thirty years and I knew Bilton was out there i. knew the show was there. I never went and I I know I know it's just it's crazy. We'll have to put it on our post covid activities list to. Go and failed to record an episode while we're there last time we did. Okay. Yeah that was a city. In seven years that I was working out, of DC, area only went twice. And both times that was with fringe of mind from the FAA. who were like man? We're going to built in this week and then we're going to go to this party. It did so and so's place man to come out for this and it's like. On a Sunday with a nothing better to do it was an automatic Ohio yeah. Yeah. So I mean it sounds like now now let's see. So wh- and I miss took this when I started out by saying it was canceled it Sir surely according to this has not been canceled. Is Literally what they say on their home pages. We are currently putting in place additional safety and social distancing. To help ensure the health and safety of guests staff like so many things are adjusting how they. How they space the crowd out how space parking and all this stuff and You know it's just. Common sense like. Wearing a mask when you go out in public. Yup. Yup So. what was it like David? Went some time ago. But what was it like? A just like the the description says I mean we got treated to an afternoon of of flying clowns and wing walkers and A. Drunken farmer routine as some really Nice era. So typically in the older airplanes and. And it was. Fortunately, one of those Nice Sunny Days It wasn't oppressively hot for the Potomac Basin and we just. We just had a great time we drug out the folding chairs and set a long flight line and You know in whooped and cheered and oh my gosh. Did you see that with the rest of the crowd and it was a it was a good crowd that

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