Progress slow as urgency grows on virus relief legislation


Saw potential step forward in the congressional negotiations for another corona virus relief package after weeks of Resistance Senate. Majority leader Mitch McConnell said he will support an extension of the now lapsed six hundred dollar federal unemployment insurance relief every week that is if president trump backs it. The American people in the end need help. And wherever this thing settled. Between the President United States and his team, it have to sign it into law. And the Democrat. Not Significant minority in the Senate and majority in the House. Is something I'm prepared to support even if I have some problems. With. Certain parts of it. So, Jake Sherman, you cover Mitch McConnell you know him very well that's as close as you'll get to seeing. Mitch. McConnell concede there where he effectively said, okay, I know this bill's been sitting on my desk for three months. I've got some problems with the Democrat bill from the house, but I may be willing to budge on that six hundred dollar weekly payment. The original counteroffer from Republicans as you know had been two hundred dollars a week. So if he concedes on that point, get six, hundred dollars a week of unemployment benefits to people who need it. So desperately right now does that mean we're going to get deal here. Will I think Willie? We're going to get a deal at some point in the next week. It looks not promising, but it looks possible. Here's the catch Mitch McConnell's not a part of these negotiations right now also for the first time in a long time, we could kind of say that Mitch McConnell's view here is a little bit tangential to the overall negotiations. Now Mark Meadows and Steven Mnuchin who have been in the negotiations have offered four hundred dollars a week until December fifteenth, which also by the way is a very big concession for the GOP people. We actually in playbook this morning give a blow by blow full with good chock full of quotes from inside of the negotiating room. During a two and a half hour meeting yesterday in the capital illustrating that there are a lot of issues that remain open to get corona virus for leads to American people just to give a sense about how far we kind of our from virus package, they are bringing in the postmaster general today to talk to the negotiating team about the needs of the US Postal Service because there is such a divide on how much the post office might need to complete its operations. So again, these negotiations are very fraught they're complicated and they're dragging on almost two weeks in I. Think we'll have another week at least before this bill is passing both sides want to get a deal before Friday. Jonathan Does Jake says Mitch McConnell's not involved particularly here. Specifically, neither is the President United States. He's taken a hands off approach to the entire negotiation sending US chief of staff. Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin into do the negotiating here. How badly does the White House needed deal? Does the president recognized that more than thirty million people just lost that six hundred dollar week check that's allowing them to survive for the last several months urgency from the White House on this. There is really the president in the last twenty, four hours or so has insisted he is playing a role in these negotiations, but we know that is largely not the case that he has need. Deferred it to his chief of staff and Treasury Secretary and Jake don't certainly don't extra job outlining how these negotiations have gone. But yes, there was a keen awareness that this is a president who's facing voters in under three months and that Americans are hurting right now and then beyond just wanting to have a helping hand to those who have suffered so much during this pandemic of course, there's an towards his reelection chances here, and if unemployment numbers can you to go with the economic slowdown, economic recovery slows down that only hurts his chances. They are trying to push here. The they understand that they're in a bad spot have not gone well, the each day that it drags on is a bad day for this president who again is trying. So desperately to pointed idea of a recovery economic recovery as opposed to how he has handled her barracks better said handled the coronavirus pandemic to this point.

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