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Hello and welcome my favorite murder. The mini sewed. It's many episode. It's a short one that comes on Monday at the beginning of the week. You remember you remember today's Monday sorry about that I don't have a happy one at the end you. So I'll go for you have a good good end are, yes. Okay. This says my Queens Spooky, quarantine y'all are amazing Stephen. Mustache. Is the eighth wonder of the World Yada Yada? Yada. Get right into it. They said it like Steve Mustaches Stevens last name. Steven Mustache and mustache. He's my. Favorite Art Eighties, art? Band. Zinger. I'm from South Bend Indiana home of not Notre, Dame. But this takes place in the next town over Elkhart Indiana home of the RV capital of the world I really need to get out of the state. Sounds Rad I want. My Boyfriend's family grew up here too. But now his bat s aunt lives in L. A. Being a movie producer. You may have seen her Netflix's original documentary, knock down the House with Alexandria Okeyo Cortes when speaking her recently about my boyfriend's and my passion for true crime. She asked if we had heard at the cold-case story, the woman who vanished from her yard in Elkhart. In the mid eighties, we'd very. Very. Much had not heard the story and through her account of it and reading articles, I found online I learned heartbreaking and mysterious story. Of Asia, Herodian Ada was thirty nine year old mother of two living in an upscale Elkhart neighborhood in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five, every other day when her nine-year-old, her then nine year old son got off the bus, she would be waiting outside of her house for him. Him when her son got off the bus that day on May eighth at three, twenty PM, his mother was not there to greet him. Nor was she in the house when he went inside the crazy part is that Ada was seen only ten minutes earlier outside before son arrived home. Those ten minutes will forever be a mystery about what truly happened to. Asia. And who, the, who at the senseless mind take. Take. Her away from her family unfortunately, three years. Later, her remains were found located, only twenty miles from our house by mushroom hunter. Yes. That's the thing here. She was confirmed to be beaten to death and was identified through her wedding ring that was still found on her all those years later, heartbreakingly, her husband passed in Nineteen ninety-three from a brain aneurysm, and her case still remains unsolved to this day. The case was reopened back in twenty thirteen. But no new updates have been discovered I. Wish I had more information, but tragically, there may never be an answer to many heartbreaking cold cases in the world like the heinous murders twenty, six, two, thousand, seventeen, which took place only forty five minutes away from my college. Thank you for all that you do and arrested murders of Brianna Taylor SSD GM, Ima, I mean, it's. It's so I don't like cold cases. I don't like the idea that a mom. Mom disappeared from her house and no one knows why and our body was found three years. It's the most scary. It's everyone's worst nightmare whether it's your your the mom, and your child's no longer as a mom whether it's your child in your mother. Just one day isn't there I mean, it's worse. It's so heartbreaking I. Just want we say about every single one, but it's the worst. Okay. Let's see this one. This subject line is haunted Lake Question Mark Question. Mark. Question Mark Question. Mark. Hello MFM, FAM-. I thanks to my partner forgetting me hooked on this podcast through quarantine. My aunt story is actually a case for my grandmother's hometown of Union South Carolina, which is about thirty miles from my hometown of Greenville. South Carolina I grew up visiting the house she grew up in and her stomping grounds. I did research and want to credit wikipedia investigation. To. SKIP. The LA times and my family for originally telling me about the story shout episode. This is this is so good I'm. They're always list your sources, right? Nice. Okay. Here we go on. No on October Twenty Fifth Nineteen, ninety-four Susan Smith reported her two sons, ages, two years and thirteen months missing claiming the black man had carjacked her vehicle over the next nine days. Smith provided vague descriptions of the alleged black man that stole her car and Children Police also noticed inconsistencies in her story on November Third Nineteen ninety-four Susan. Smith confessed and led police to the exact spot in John, D Long Lake where she had rolled her car with both children inside. It's believed that Smith was having an affair with a socialite in town and he did not want kids even her kids the week before the crime, he sent her a letter ending the affair citing her children as the reason not to continue. she claims there was no motive and she was not in the right mind state at the time, her defense psychiatrist diagnosed her with dependent personality disorder. She was sentenced to life in prison for two counts of murder in nineteen eighty-five. She's eligible for parole in twenty, twenty, four upon further research I found that, John D. Long Lake is actually a man made lake named after a former K., k.? K. Member, confederate flag supporter in South Carolina. State, senator being located in a heavily. Republican. Town and county. They're still no talk of renaming. Renaming the lake, also a total of eighteen people have died at this late like God, that's a ton. Seven of those deaths occurred two years after the Smith murders when a family came to visit the lake and newly built memorial for the two boys. Two members of the family were outside of the car when it rolled into the lake, is this true. They drowned with the five others that were inside the car while trying to rescue them know when the car was recovered from the lake, it was found to still be in, Park. Creepy rate is the lake haunted. Does this problematic? John D Long Ghost character preside over the lake taking lives to the other side. All questions that have no answers in the nineties. My mother was fresh out of college newly married and had two children. My Great Grandmother Forbade my mother from driving past that lake in their town. She was worried that my mother would be the next victim who knows thanks again, for all, you do begin school for my masters in forensic science in August, and maybe one day you'll be covering murder case that I analyzed evidence than the lab for best hunter. Wow. That is tragedy upon tragedy it and actually I feel like I wanNA, look it up. But I feel like I. Remember that second drowning. Stephen. Did you look it up? You did Susan Smith Ray. You've you've done it? No. No, it was the one. You did the one who was laughing the this was in ninety six is when seven people died when their car roll down the boat ramp into the lake yes. Holy? Shit. Okay thank you Steve and I just wanted to make sure that that wasn't I was. Sounded, very suspicious when I said that. This one was the one where she shot three of her kids and day on down. That's that's Diane downs from I, believe Portland or the Portland area. That's one of the first ones I ever did because that was one of the first and rule books I've ever read. So off what a horrible I mean what a? After that second round. I do now remember reading about that second drowning three years later, whenever hundred said it was and just being like, Oh, my fucking God I. Don't know about the part that still in park that seems like, but I mean any detail about the a second horrible like group drowning at the same lake is. Yeah. So scary, how do you go that to that lake on a picnic in the summer and disability dude, do I would? I wouldn't. I wouldn't. Either I wouldn't recommend it i. mean everything about this leg sounds like it's sex who, sorry, like. Okay. Just, just called hometown story. Hi Everyone. Don't want to miss anyone. So this will do. Think. I've never been one to do something like this, but thought the story was to cool not to share. I was born and raised in the North Jersey town of Moorestown New Jersey. Moorestown is a New Jersey. What did I say? No, no. No. They just said New Jersey twice in a row later the in the New Jersey town of Morristown. New. Jersey. Moorestown is super cute and diverse town with picturesque town centre and lots to do. This is from the tourism. Board. From Morristown, North Jersey when growing up in Morristown the towns rich history is drilled into our brains while at school just a couple of facts Elizabeth Schuler, was staying in

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