Miami - Islanders Score 4-2 Win Over Panthers

Boomer & Gio


On the other hand, the islanders a win away from advancing or I guess technically qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs boomer son-in-law with the second period equalizer yesterday with Sydney and Little Winnie watching from home. Jordan Eberle put the aisles ahead in the second that he added power play goal in the third, they beat the panthers for two to lead the series two games Sedan Berry Trot says, it's quickly onto game number three. This game what we did today doesn't matter enjoy it for you know an hour in and. Get focused in on what we need to do tomorrow. For Nothing? I. Mean I could have scored that goal. Here real going to downgrade your son-in-law's technically technically. Saying I mean you know it was like right in front of the well, what if you play for the Rangers that would have been blocked right right. So given credit you're right give them credit

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