Raccoon Cup Save - #608


And Gus Android your son you're legally. Legally cleared background art. I love it. You know I wanted to put something on the wall like WanNa get I wanna have something that's that's not controversial for any reason. People give people a little taste of your home life. Behind the curtain what makes Andrew Tick? Campaigning right there. Everything Andrew's house. It is legal. Except for the cocaine. Not, legal. It's legal cocaine I got the legal. Saying Yeah. Yeah. I got my hard. I was at I I bought a beer yesterday that I think was very divisive amongst people I was very excited. I went to the trucker store argues about the other day on Saturday I went to the liquor store and I saw that they had a beer I'd never seen before and. It was a sour pickle beer. And IMMU. Immediately texted. Eric Brewer and Jordan swears and I told them and they both they both were disgusted and I couldn't believe that people would want to try this beer. So I posted an instagram photo of it s people they would wanna, drink beer and the. Majority of people I think did not want to drink the beer. And why are you surprised at South? When I saw this beer in the store I literally inside of my mask said Oh my God. CAN'T Just. Just, breathe just breathe. Relax You. Got This. Just take the beer up to the counter pay for it at get in the car and drive home and. Actually the other day I drink it out of the CAN I never put it into a glass I brought glass with me today to see if beer's actually green if it looks like pickle juice or not. Oh Great. Yellow Green and it looks like Piss. Yeah. But like. It doesn't have good that way. If. You'd like pickle juice. It tastes just like pickles. Would not want her, but I wouldn't buy it. Why does it like gus you'll live from the waist down. Lit from the waist down after that will be. Because, you've got the colors at the. Got Colored Light. Drinking. Berry Ginger Alcoholic Kombucha. God. Go wild explain that to a caveman. By the way, this is English. Also, this is be Do you have the the night raker up behind you do I've got the night maker poster right back over here. Nice boom. gave me. I really like it's really high quality super thick paper. Also. But I think it's a drawing of me. That's that's how I. Measure. How good are is is by how thick the format that it's on his sticks out really good. So like some opinion that's been painted on top of painting is better than the original so much better. Out. More. Look at that one of the the woman who restored that famous painting that one's way better than the original. V. I don't think I've laughed harder to. Maybe in my life that. I can recall about a handful of times where I almost passed out from laughing. One was when I saw jackass to in the theater. That's the hardest. Ever, and it's not even close. Maybe second right underneath that was the first time I saw that piece of Art, the fresco that the woman decided to. To fix to take it upon herself to fix I was crying. For Robert Lee an hour. So. Funny and I feel like I never heard of the original anyway I feel like made it way more famous than it ever was I. would rather have the the new one. Would make a trip. You would go see the new before you heard. Random anonymous painting. Now, let's payments for all the wrong reasons. Can we make sure? We will see. I'm crying now thinking about it. I mean, can you imagine? The level of confidence you have to have. The opinion that needs to be restored it'd be like I've never seen in my life I can do this. I think I can do this. How does this? I got this. This is fine. I just I wonder because you know at some point during that painting, there was like, Oh, this is not as going. I'm not as good at painting as I assumed, but the only way out is through. Already too much into this. Stuff now. Maybe no one will notice. I have. A friend of mine who? She had. An extra hers now, she had a boyfriend who was like supremely confident about everything he did and I remember once he decided similarly, he decided he wanted to try painting. So he bought like a canvas and some paint and painted something and literally was like I'm good at. This paintings amazing I saw I, was like no I. Really. Don't remember the confidence is coming from. A good on you for trying it's a great first painting, but I wouldn't pete that and be like Oh. Yeah. Done. Offered it person to. But even like you gotta you gotTa understand. Something's not your. Man. That's that's. One of the one of the best like just characters. Across like all media is just the person with unearned confidence. It's just it's a great great personality trait for like instant comedy just add her confidence and you. Will. Generate tons of tons of. Your Branagan's your neon joe where we'll hunters. And the like. Yeah it's a great personality trait for complete buffoons. Because everyone know someone like that. You can easily you can easily relate to that. We're like, you know you had to work with someone like that. You're like Oh my God like it just evokes something in the pit of your stomach that. Want to laugh or cry.

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