A highlight from Episode 63 - GUEST Kevin Lindner - Sprite Tortoise, Warriors Dynasty and Morgan Freeman


Podcast we have our two time guests. Kevin lindner we talk about his favorite dessert. We talk about the warriors dynasty and skunks. Welcome to episode sixty three of the spy. Special podcast the old gene. Upshaw like to call it. We got blown up because we didn't actually have an athlete prepared last week. It was like four fifty in the morning. Like he has a new born or something he does all right. We're gonna find episode today. We call this the old makeup exams. The old rain checkups owed. We'll talk about why. But we have kevin lindner. What's going on guys. Good to see you guys. Welcome back to the. Show your timer here. The very exclusive club with sarah. Yeah feel lucky. I'm excited very exclusive company. That they have so. We didn't do this last time that you're here so we're going to jump right into it and we are going to do get to know your guest. The spivey brothers are always here but who is joining them today. Who is it who is sit back. And let's find out together with get to know your guest guest hulu. I don't know if i want to. But i mean we don't really have a choice because it's the segment that we're doing kevin breakdown why you couldn't make it about what he would just say. Fourteen weeks ago to come back on yeah was late march most playing basketball game. The day of that. We're supposed to see you guys and Called troy five o'clock saying hey a momoa to the er ruptured my achilles. So it was not fun so i have a couple of questions on this I know you're playing one on one with a neighbor down the street. Did you make make all the kids. Watch you to play or like. Did they get a chance to play at all. No no the court ours. When when we're playing. They have to make sure that they stay out of the court. We have chuck line and everything. It's extra pretty cool is no no no no no no. It's another adult. It was cove. We're trying to stay in shape as much as possible when we can't go to james or anything like that so there's a couple of here tonight. That are winning that game. So you lose and i can see the problem. I have with your theories. Back is i've played in the same game and outscored kevin. So i don't know if a six year old would be and i think kevin would have to play like every other game it's true. Yeah my My eight year old is getting really good. And i don't think i'm going to be much better than him for much longer. So yeah your defense is good but we all know can't score duct tape not gonna fix that. It's exactly right all right so now. We have some random questions. I think to get to know you a little bit better kev. What's your favorite dessert. I know last time you're on. We talked about awful milkshakes at nations. But what is your favorite dessert. I think it depends on the season like thanksgiving. I really liked the pumpkin pies. But you can't go wrong with ice cream. Ice cream is kind of a goto. So i like ice. Cream doesn't matter. What flavor is basically any flavor. I can be down with so you can't really eat pumpkin pie. July kenya exactly exactly have masking the wrong. He kind of looks like a pumpkin. And i think he has pioneered. I wouldn't try what your spirit and yeah spirit animal thinking yeah not kangaroo or cheat or anything cheetah like that but I'm gonna go with the tortoise just because it takes me forever to get around anywhere so that's kind of how you drive to like me very slow slow driver. Not any rushdie to to get anywhere. So i'll go with the tortoise very happy you have a shell just in case you run into something i like. Are we kind got a weird question. This week is if you were a soda. What would you be like the flavor of soda or use the type of soda. Yeah give it to I'm gonna go caffeine free sprite. Nice plain and boring. Kind of how. I am so break. The old sprite tortoise coming in exactly welcome everybody if this has inject of the rest of this show.

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