467 - The San Jose Bees


Read a story from american history to my friend. Gareth reynolds has no idea what the topic is going to be about. And has no background distractions. Because he's professional. Well all right. Well you do to seal that waddles around the house. I do not have the seal that waddles around my house utah. One hundred percent one percent seen the seal and it waddles around your house. And i've seen the seal bite bite you now bite you like your fish. I have a cat that you have called seal in a terrible fashion. And i don't know if know dave but that's caught on and he's a cat and he's a little bit of a chunky monkey but barely and he's not a seal and he sure he's bit me but you know what they've i've been him and i frankly i want to be in a relationship with a. We weren't biting each other. it's good course correction. I need it. He needs it. We need it so this used to be funny but now this fantasy world that you're living in where you think a seal as a cat is no. Let me stop you there. No no it is. It is just. We need to get you some mental health. A help you don't know you don't these not for this. Well it's not it's not great. It's not a great look. It's a it's well. You're the one who keeps making up that he's a seal when he's a cat you're talking about. It's i don't feed him fish he doesn't or none of that happened aware of the. You're not feeding seal fish. It's one of the problems in what i'm gonna have to call some sort of animal department of animal. Animal department departs angeles. Go find your anibal department. Call them. Yeah go go call your animal department services. I guess would be go call. Let them over and then when they get over my place and then when they see that it's a cat and not a seal you're going to be on the hook for faulty reporting. You can't just call them false reports like that. that's a crime wasting taxpayer dollars during a pandemic. got your selfish gotcha.

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