Forget About Your Resolutions And Focus On Your Habits



Reminder from my mate de damon and i met each other during the lockdown here in malaysia back in march where hanes lovely wife were stuck here in malaysia and stranded and we used to meet up during a how yod time when we did a little walk around the block each day and he posed this question on his instagram yesterday. I how many people have figuring out the resolutions on nearly as meaningful as habits. Which i think is pretty important reminder at this time of year because a lot of course make these resolutions and then nine or ten months down the track we sit back and realize we haven't managed to achieve them and we kinda wonder why and the answer is pretty simple. Of course the answer is that. We haven't made the changes that we needed to make. We haven't created the new habits. We haven't basically done the work to make the change that we needed to michael that we wanted to make so forget about your resolutions. They'd done now. Stop focusing on building the right sort of habits that are gonna allow you to make the changes that you wanna make. So i will put a leak to damon's instagram handle in the comments below sake and follow him as well and also linked to an episode. I did a couple of years ago at the time. I think it was episode. Three eighty six where i shared an. Id from tim ferriss about doing a past year. Assessment robin a new year's resolution. The being you do an audit a what worked and what didn't work last year or in the gone and focused on the things that you do and or don't want to do in the coming year a timely advice as well and very much in line with what diamond is suggesting in his instagram post. Coaching out check him out. Real talk with the. I believe is the instagram handle. It's in the comments below. And that is it for today. And i do thank you for your time and i will be back again tomorrow.

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