How to pay for a big summer trip with new income?


Colors looking ahead to a bright covid free future. Aren't we all right. He is wondering about using money from a side hustle to pay for vacation. A big vacation as soon as travel is more accessible and welcome to school. My name is. Chris keller boasts so glad you're here it has certainly been a weird time for international travel in particular domestic travel to but especially international travel very confusing changing rules changing guidelines Changing cases in terms of the virus etc. You've got countries like new zealand and australia. That largely closed to outsiders like almost entirely closed. You have countries like turkey and mexico are pretty much welcoming. Anyone come one come all. We don't care there's been a model called travel bubbles. Which has well. Let's say bubbled up in a few different places like hong kong and singapore for example. They have this model where people from one place can travel to the other without quarantining as long as they follow certain protocols and such meanwhile got hawaii. Which can't decide what it wants and has made it very difficult for potential travellers by changing the rules every month and having different rules on different islands. Some people have even flown to hawaii having a negative test. Like they're supposed to have but then actually been turned around because they didn't the test or all kinds of crazy stuff like many other variations as well all over the world now looking forward. This variance is going to continue throughout much of two thousand twenty one but there will be a time when it gets easier and more open. Thanks to that a vaccine that you've heard about or those vaccines let's say so. What are the opportunities there. In terms of side-hustle ideas. That's what our caller is wondering about. 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And if all goes well i think it'll be the perfect time among other things There are lots of deals out there where you can prepay now and cancel later without losing your money. If it looks like the trip won't work I'm wondering might there be some way to cover the cost of the trip somehow by doing something along the way and i don't mean Like becoming travel influencer but more like Teaching english somewhere or or maybe starting a blog about travel postcode any thoughts. Thank you for the call. I know you're not alone in looking forward to a big summer trip or a big trip at some point at some point to somewhere so it sounds like a good plan here. I think the question is what is the connection between the project and the trip because you know in a lot of ways you could have any source of income that you save for the trip like whatever your side hustle is whether it it has some link to the trip or not but from the message. It sounds like nick looking for a specific connection next. He mentioned that he doesn't want to become a travel. Influencer is pretty good thinking but he likes the idea of teaching english or starting a blog Perhaps about travel recovery. Now these are interesting options and also quite different. Teaching english overseas can be meaningful experience. Actually did it for several months. Long ago in china thailand. But it's really more like a part time job. it's not like the kind of money making projects. We tend to feature on the program so if the other options we have so far starting a blog or other resources on post covid travel. Recovery is probably the most viable. And what would that look like. You know one thing i know. Is that postcode. We're going to have a tremendous travel renaissance. My good friend. Gary left calls at the golden age of travel returning. There's gonna be tons of deals going to be a lot of award availability for all those frequent flyer miles you have and just having used. It's going to be a great time at some point right so the question is what can you contribute. That space travel bloggers who've been around for a long time have a bit of an advantage. A head start. But i like the idea of focusing specifically on that post kobe world. I am perhaps preparing transition times. Where some parts of the world or more open and others. Because it's not going to be like flipping a switch where all of a sudden we're all vaccinated. It's gonna take a lotta time to roll this out so there will continue to be a lot of variance in policies and what's acceptable. What's okay what's safe. What's not set up. So there probably is something to be done there. And i really like eddie. Focusing specifically on post covid travel

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