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With the man who only sees the positive in the happy. And most of this stuff. Mr you do. You seem to find inspiration dark times and that's what today's show is all about. Is there any hope for inspiration in dark timeshare. i just don't know we live in a we live in a crazy world. It's a strange time right. It's like i think every I think of inspiration alight like campfires. Like if you go camping in night in the in the wilderness can be sterry but that saying that you hover around as a campfire rights. And i love that metaphor. Because i think that's i think people are laying a lot of campfires right now at home and And what. I what i mean by that is because it's a strange time in there is so much unrest in danger and these very real issues of people losing family members to this disease and sort of you know the the incompetence of our use administration tonight help people. I think people have also shown this amazing human resilience and indomitable will to create and do something new in the dark. And so what i wanted to talk about their dislike. No projects that you wouldn't have had time to do for me at you. Remember flying cars which was a fascinating idea. So you're in normal times you're busy. You're going twenty four seven meeting after being now forced to be home more forced to. You're not flying to china every other week or flying up north. You've got more to do things and find inspiration where maybe you were putting it off. That was a fascinating paintings. You did on that. Yeah right yeah with my client. You're you're after here. i would attract client Bringing to silicon valley every week or two china now giving the vr system So i can look at the car here in my living room just and what i what i wanted what i what i. The sort of campfire built in this time was that the art of being an arts designers. I got we have a guest speaker today. Putting in this two cents he was like i have is a definitely camera so he found so. They're a camera on a little performer. so he's actually clone anyway the campfire then i with the jimmer. Flying cars for me is the art of my job. My job is changed a lot from what it was when i started. Which was i would sit all day and draw cards. Historically have always sat around drawn and made beautiful art right but today it's new. The job is so quick. The drawings i do a very quick and immediately go into the hands of digital model. And then we'd be played like a tennis game Ballgame back and forth back and forth sends me the model i sketch over it models goes back and forth for two years like disturb project but that seeing on i love doing most which sitting in creating a beautiful image is is not present. So that's why. I started doing these and these these paintings you know. They they They're a nice exploration of something. I wouldn't have had time to do. They're selling so. I'm happy about that. We'll look at the series that we're doing is we keep evolving as we. We used to do this in person. Our studio now. We're doing this by zoom. My camera just cut out on me here. So i'm going to be the voice of god talking to you from somewhere other screaming exactly. I've got that moses. Look here and we've all had been forced to pivot and experiment with things. We we knew we knew about and we might have tried but we were resistant to dive into an explore. Virtual reality zoom calls Working from home on and on and on were suddenly being forced to pivot and out of that.

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