Austin Mann on the iPhone 12 Pro camera

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Start with the the iphone. Twelve pro What is new this year with. That came snapple. Make big hardware changes on the regular twelve pro. There were some Some hardware changes they upgraded the wide lens to a news at seven element lens and and it's slightly faster than it was before meaning the the aperture can open up a little bit wider and it can let more light in than the previous previous than last year's wide lens when i refer to wide lens i mean the the normal one x and and but really the twelve pro upgrade was really focused on software and this is where we just really got to see what the software team at apple has been working on and see really really shine things like a night mode on the ultra wide. We're huge huge upgrades and And so it was really cool to see a The im- improvement and overall image image creation capacity on the twelve pro with Really purely almo- almost almost exclusively on in software and The story on the twelve pro. Max of course was which will get to more about hardware. The computational photography thing is we're apple has really put the gas down and it kind of makes sense because you got this camera with what is it like a basically a quarter of an inch of depth in the laws of physics determine. Exactly how much lens you can put with that much space but if you can improve it on the compute side while the with these fourteen ships. They've got a lot of compute power to spare and every year you go to the wwe see and or to the iphone announcement and they announced this ridiculous number of computations that are done on every image that you take through the device and that's where the heavy lifting is being done now. Yeah it's really. It's really incredible to experience. All of that crazy technology being pointed towards a better user. Experience and a magical. It's also it's it's it's magical it's like beyond belief how well this can create images and that. I think it's easy. We've come to expect so much of of our iphone cameras that It's easy to kind of get it. This you know kinda lose the the sense of of what is actually doing but at the end of the day every user picks it up takes a great photo. And that's that's really amazing and in almost any lighting scenarios. Now mike one of the one of the things that's really blown. My mind is just how the rules are different in a camera that relies so much on software for for example. If i were to take a three or four second exposure. Let's say a five second exposure with my traditional pro camera it would be almost impossible to keep that image sharp hand holding it. you know. It's very very difficult to hold the camera for five seconds super still and it's it's exposing one frame and it would definitely be impossible to do that while while driving in a moving car right or like with any sort of bumps or anything like that and the just the the laws of physics and the laws that were familiar with as photographers. Just don't allow you to do that. You just can't keep chart well on the iphone you're dealing with a different set of laws and rules because of how the software bridging the gaps. And basically you know when you're shooting night modem this five seconds exposure on your iphone. It's not shooting just one long frame. It's instead it's shooting multiple frames per second. And then it's auto aligning the ones that line up in our sharp and so over over five second exposure you might have you know you'll have dozens and dozens of different frames in the iphone will throw out the ones that aren't good. Where maybe you were shaking or bumping and it'll stack all the ones that are lined up and they're sharp in delivers you a sharp image. Even if i see my hand is moving. I still get a sharp image and though that's just like that's just crazy and it's hard to kind of wrap your mind around it and so the more i always really encourage you know when you get a new especially for traditional photographers when they get a new iphone camera to really go out and play with it. A time to understand where the delimitations are kind of how it works because it thinks and again it has rules that are so much different than what we we traditionally think of as photographers

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