Side Effects of Woo-Woo (with Jessica Lanyadoo) Part 1

Small Doses


Thank you so funky. Welcome to another episode of small doses. I'm particularly excited about this episode. Because this has come in the come together in a very organic way and i have talked about this person on the show and now she's on the shell. You're running a she. Yes yes now she show so. I like when things like this happen. So let me tell you a little backstory ninety if you know this just legno. By the way we'll get into why i referred to you as land you do on the show and then learned that that was the proper pronunciation. It's not bad. It's really not bad. And i saw laniado but it is the most common pronunciation and i feel like it's fine. I refused misprint mouse. People's names have explained that that the actual last name is derived. Wait you it is a jewish that we give it to me correct so okay so we're iraqi jews which back in the day fled the inquisition. So right so we basically when the laniado 's were fleeing the inquisition. They fled to syria. Egypt and iraq. And i think my family went first to syria but then was for centuries in baghdad Until the jews were kicked out but all of the laniado z- That fled as far as i know what happened. Is we all spelled differently. So i think we pronounce it differently. But i've never met a laniado. I wasn't related to. So i don't know for surely yes. Oh it is and you said it said jewish dialect of arabic. Yes yes yes yes. That's what my father's first languages. Yeah and he's from baghdad. Yeah yeah a lot of us. I mean there's not a lot of us in north america in particular right. yeah like seals. there's we are. We have a grenada faction. And we have saint. Vincent vaction and so i i ever so often get. Dna people on instagram. Like i think we're related. Yes we probably are the thing. That's the thing yeah. It's very rare. That i meet someone who's got similar background so the way that i was introduced to your work was because i have a friend who coverages hobbies around with astrology right like she like but she i mean she doesn't say that in the sense that like she's doesn't do readings career okay but she like studies how to properly do readings like she can do your chart for you and those types of things and so she had sent me an episode of your podcast. I want to say. I want to say i know the episode number. I think it was like one thirty nine And it was a particular episode where you were talking about. Not abandoning yourself. And she was like. I just feel like this was such a good. This is such a podcast. So i was listening to it and i was in a particularly low state and you were like and you have a voice. That's very encouraging and also like soothing. Thank you yeah. But it's not babying. That's what i'm saying like zelzal. Not this it's not it doesn't feel like affectation and so you were like yeah like you need to get up and i felt it's rare but know every so often you feel like someone like on the podcast like talking to you like bitch get up and i was like i didn't get up. She told me that to a bad. Goodbye south i went and did some boxing and i felt better and i was like and those words have stayed with me. 'cause i've had cl- i've had moments since them and those words of stay with me and i was on the podcast and i was on my instagram singing. Your praises best what walked me. Then i tagged you and you're like i'm support outlet you know and so one of my one of my intentions. This year is to expand my circle of folks. That i speak to like. I feel like i especially within the covert of it. All you got more insular and And i want to just be conscious about the fact that like there's there's there's more there's abundance abundantly lee informed in the art and space and energies of with some people call the we will lo. Let's make it french because it's fancier let's go with lonzo lou. Now let me tell you. I have had a reading by jessica. Nato and first off. Can you please help folks how you describe yourself like. What is the space of your work. Sure absolutely but can. I say that we have a very strong mutual appreciation society and i stand everything you do and i have such great appreciation for you. All that you put into the world's I just think you know thank you. No thank you on behalf of of the people and of me So okay so that said. I am an astrologer and that's i would. I would say studying astrology into row around the same time and i work with throw. But first and foremost i'm gonna charlotte also psychic and medium end. An animal communicator. And you've the cutest animal all sniffing at your neck. So i just. I mean it just feel like that's i don't know it just feels adorable and lovely. I'm so yes. I do all of those things. I'm very comfortable with the term woo Feel very very much. Like i'm very self aware that i'm woo 'cause i'm also a capricorn crusty and from montreal and so i'm not i'm not like Not eleven light will. I'm a like us all of our resources. And all of our tools to deal with this material world will thank you very much. Thank you and your podcast Ghosts of a podcast really. Does that like it really teaches that in a real way and just so you know our podcast will each episode slip into two. It'll be like a question that someone asks or sometimes you just rants nine the rent. You know iran. Iran's out something that needs to focus on which oftentimes in the last few months has been related to You know these uprisings and boating and like why people's responsibility to undo racist paradigm etc etc etcetera. So that was the other part that i was like. Oh this is a woman so before. Even cy you And knew that you had all these. Multi-ethnicity is going on this white lady from canada. And now i find out that you live in oakland california but in from canada but i'm from canada hence the this is the problem with the canadian accent whenever i'm enunciating being really intentional. The canadian comes out because he has an ncaa shen really together as unconcerned. So yeah so it does really come out on the podcast more than it often. Will you know what i mean. Just because it's because i'm being really intentional about what i say but being from oakland being in oakland like further. It's like whatever enunciate canada brings the the woke nights of the okay like overpowers much. I won't take out. Because i was definitely like she's like really tapped into be in. Canada can eat tapped him. But i also know exactly what you're saying. And i received it different five like literally if the home of pimping and panthers obvious is a different vibe different life. I mean i think this is. I mean very very real. You know the yes. There's don't even get me started on on the pros and cons of oakland. But i do love it here. You know first and foremost you. Just i feel like san francisco and oakland have very concentrated elements of the things that the nation has been right uprising about in in tandem in a way that like i mean we see like oscar grant one of many lemme scores fruitvale station help to amplify that story but for all intents and purposes like bat happens because

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