UCL Trouble for Chelsea?



Welcome insulation of spnfz down. Thomas during the today by allie. Moreno gotten off coffee. You'll be hitter flags on a big win for you today but we start in the champions leaks good matches. Isn't it coming up over the next couple of days. We'll stop at looking trump. Let's go madrid against chelsea some other. The chelsea as favourite not six to four on to advanced next trying athletics. Eleven to ten men rapids. He absolutely flying in la league the first half of the season they have somewhat just a little bit foreign off. Course levante being very much thorn in that side. You're against on wednesday lost on saturday. Let's welcome shall we. Don't just sit low. Lo look ahead to this game. Say let's start off with a athletic perspective xiaowei. What's going wrong with them. They all right. I think we'll go move the wrong with them. In part was that this was likely to happen at some stage. Although perhaps not in quite this way bear mind. They've now dropped many points in twelve days as they had in the inside season up until that point but is in for full-on collapse in all four games. It's one victory to drills the fate as a site. that'd be on such good full. It was fifty four fifty seven points at fifty fifty seven points in the first half the season that it feels like a glass. I think in a way if you look at the results before this games way they were always on edge there again where they were just about coming through very light winner. You've are weiner out of s for example that going behind much more often than previously remember they concedes remedies minute behind in the entire season. That's not happen more often. They're conceding early goals. They gonna seven games in a row conceding so it was the probably some point tip slightly now not into a full blown crisis but certainly into a situation where they were necessarily gonna mean sign that level incredible efficiency in winning games that they had up until fruitful weeks ago and coming up against a chelsea side. Don still unbeaten under to call but very very ordinary against hanson. Yeah just methodical. The hard sites watch chelsea they get. The job done. Didn't against that in the drawer but they were hard. Watch nothing. thomas tickle early on. I think he's testing these players. Think he's testing. Mentality is testing the players and different systems. Put the weekend. He lasted fifteen minutes and took stripe off again so he didn't work took off the ball put about so it's a chelsea sought while you won't you come on west off whereas the where's the attack and fled just very very methodical. Caffeine phoenix can tighten me. I can't imagine be free flowing ends and talking football full three job so don just call chelsea methodical and if you think of you don't feel like hey look at them they're open. They're attacking they're going to commit number full and so therefore if you have an athletic team that has been struggling to get results and you have a team. That is quote unquote methodical. Then yes you're exactly correct. This is not four three. this is set pieces. This is very tied very tactical certainly in the first leg in which is going gonna make it physical from. They have to get back to that. They've lost a little bit of that and they've lost a little bit of attention to details in the game against the weekend. Golda was not scored by motorists early on. There's the ball over the top from set piece attack and said piece of mind on a mis-clearance goes over fifty yards and morales one one situation against like that doesn't happen against atlantic city. But it's been happening more and more often over the last ten days or so they have to clean up those details and clean those details where you're going to find something that is going to be very very difficult to beat

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