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Of my message is simply afterlife. The story is told a billy. Graham going into a city to hold one of his great crusades and billie wrote a letter to his wife ruth to tell her how things are going by the way kids letters. That's what we use to ride. Long time ago we wrote them out We lick the envelope with a stamp on it and went to a place called the post office and mailed them now. People call that snail. Mail funny thing now. Even email seem slow. We'd rather text. But anyway billie wanted to send this letter home to ruth in north carolina. But he didn't know where the post office was in this particular town. He saw young man standing on a street corner and he called out to him young man. Where's the post office. And so the young boy told billy graham where the post office was and then billy said to that young guy. Hey you wanna come to the stadium tonight and here we preach. I'm going to tell people how to get to heaven. The little guy said how would you know to get to heaven. You don't even know how to get to the post office well sooner or later. If you're a christian you're going to enter the afterlife and if you put your faith in christ you're going to go to heaven. What a great hope that is. The bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. You'll close your eyes on earth and you open them in heaven so we have basic two modes of transportation to get us to the afterlife. If for a believer. It's either gonna be death or the rapture and i'm gonna talk a little bit about the rapture in this message. You what it is why there is a wrap sir when it would potentially happen in a little bit more but we're here now in the book of revelation and we close chapter three with a closed door and we start chapter for within open door. Remember chapter three ended with the words of jesus as these folk to the church. Liotta odessa and he said behold i stand at the door and i not if any men will hear my voice and open the door i will come in. The door was closed. Christ he was trying to get in to that church so this reminds us if we will open the door of our hearts to christ one day he will open the door of heaven to us now as we come to revelation chapter for the camera swings. So we've been looking editor and what's happening here now. Suddenly we're looking at it from a heavenly perspective. We're seeing it. From god's viewpoint there's a major shift from revelation three to revelation chapter four because revelation. Four and five are the introduction and background of the tremendous. Sweep a prophetic events. That will that will look out for the remainder of this book and it is worth noting that the church is nowhere to be found from revelation for to revelation nineteen. Let's read revelation chapter for versus. Wanted to remember john on the island of patmos he's been catapulted into the future in kind of a spiritual time machine. I don't think it was a delorean. Andy seen things that arctic com he writes about it now and revelation for one. He says after the things. You underline that phrase. After these things. John says i looked and behold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which was like a trumpet. Speaking with me saying. Come up here and i will show you things that will take place after this. You might underlying those words. After this and john says immediately. I was in this spirit. It'd be hold of thrown set in heaven and once sat on the throne so he begins by saying after these things and the greek. It's metal the book of revelation as they pointed out to you before comes complete with its own outline and there is a golden key to unlocking the book there is an encryption key or password if you will that makes revelation understandable. It's run in revelation. One nine fourteen. It says right things that you have seen that things which are and the things that will take place after this so revelation is broken into three sections number one. That things that you've seen. This is what john writes about in revelation chapter one he sees the glorified christ with all power and heaven. Earth in control of all that is about to happen number two the things which are this is a reference to the seven churches spoken of in revelation chapters two to three as i described it. It's a seven love letters of jesus to his church and finally category three. And that's what we're at now. Those things that will take place after these things so we basically of the lord's person is people and as program it's all laid out again to review chapter one is a revelation of the glorified christ chapters two to three as a flyover of church history chapters. Four and five were taken up into heaven in the rapture chapter six to nineteen. We have the great tribulation period that will last for seven years chapter twenty. We have the millennium chapters. Twenty one twenty two. We have the new heavens and the new earth. So let's talk about the next event on the prophetic calendar. It's called the rapture look goodwood. John writes in verse one.

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