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Welcome back to the outcomes rocket. Everyone saw marquez here. Today i have the privilege of hosting rebecca love. She is a nurse. Entrepreneur inventor author. Tech's speaker and i nurse featured on ted dot com and part of the inaugural nursing panel featured at south by south two thousand eighteen. Rebecca was the first director of nurses innovation and entrepreneurship in the united states at northeastern school of nursing the funding initiative in the country designed to empower nurses as innovators and entrepreneurs where she founded the nurse hackathon the movement as lead to transformational change in the nursing profession in two thousand nineteen rebecca with a group of leading nurses the world founded and is president of sand sale the society of nurse scientists innovators entrepreneurs and leaders a nonprofit that quickly attained recognition by the united nations as an affiliate member to the on. Rebecca is an experienced nurse entrepreneur founding hire nurses dot com and twenty thirteen which was acquired in two thousand eighteen by realto in the uk where she served as the managing director of us markets until its acquisition and twenty nineteen currently rebecca serves as the principal of clinical innovation at optimize rx. She's passionate about empowering nurses and creating communities to help nurses innovate create and collaborate start businesses and inventions to transform healthcare. Such a privilege to have you here. Rebecca i'm really excited to touch on this very important topic of nurses going to be with you. Thank you for having me absolutely. And so rebecca. You've done some really neat things in your healthcare career and you know before we jump into the actual details of what we're gonna talk about. I love to hear more about you than and what what keeps you inspired in in your healthcare career. I think that being a background and being a nurse And washing with the front lines going for and doing on a daily basis especially in the face of i think every day i wake up. I'm inspired by those nurses to go out selflessly to transform and take care of individuals that most of I would wonder if we would cross that. Threshold and nursing was a second career choice for me in life and it was inspired because my mom really encouraged me to pursue nursing. Because she said that. Although there's a whole bunch of great leaders in other areas we needed really strong nursing leadership to sort of transform the future of the profession. And i took it very seriously after becoming immersed in watching certain challenges that was basically in the profession. I don't know if you know. Some of the statistics but percents of nursing graduates leave the bedside within two years of practice which is nearly the largest exodus of any profession out there and we are facing potential nursing shortage of vermillion nurses in the united states. And i think what motivates me is. How can we stop that accident. And how can we secure this profession at the future of healthcare And i think. I'm still motivated by both that here that there may not be nurses by the bedside in the future as much as i am inspired to transform. What a career for nursing. Looks like that me inspire the best to choose that profession debt. And you know. I wasn't aware that's a. That's a pretty big number of of nurses leaving and also want to say thanks to all the nurses listening or if you have somebody in your family your friends that are nurses at the front line. As as rebecca mentioned it's tough and especially during this pandemic The importance of what you do is critical so so yeah let's kick things off with a thank you and yes a rebecca. Why why so many people like white white is so many people eat nursing. Yeah there's there's some interesting study that are being collaborated on this entire thing. Why thirty to fifty percent of them are leaving the bedside within cheers of practice and my dad asked me this question. He that he the. Cfo honey when you graduated with your finance degree. Were you expecting to carry the same level of responsibility as cfo laughed and he instead. Of course not. And i said well welcomes the world of nursing where you graduate you enter the profession and not only. Are you carrying an incredible boat and patience upon you. But you're expected to carry the same kind of patient and responsibility as nurses with thirty or fifty years of experience. So i think one is incredible dichotomy of being put into a world. Where even if you have little training you're going to deal with those two patients. And then secondly i think one of the biggest factors is that the profession of nursing if you call it a profession has not been cultivated along a career progression and think younger nurses that are entering the profession realized. I don't know if you've noticed. But over course a twenty year career the average increase of salary of nurses only one point five percents a year which is half the cost of the increase in wages or salaries on the average american But more importantly there is no career development. So it's not as though when you start out as financial assistance and you progress ups eventual pointed the being the cfo and nursing. The first day of your career can very much look like the last day of your career thirty years later and i think that because healthcare has focused a very long time that the roles of nurses are to be by the bedside and that that job that has driven position is not in and of itself that they've never focused on. What are the career and the ambitions of the nurse by the bedside new ford so suddenly two years into a nurse his career. They're working in day night holiday weekend rotation they've had an increase of salary of about three percent and of them are patients that are constantly dying or sick and being called to work in and they don't know where their career is going in comparison to the friends that they have chosen other careers. Who are working monday through friday. Have five weeks of vacation and are steaming. The world where these nurses aren't sure what's going on. I think there's a couple downwards playing trends. But i think those are two of the largest.

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