A highlight from Drawn To It Podcast - EP 58 - 2D Animator, Instructor, Author - Brian Lemay PART TWO

Drawn To It


We left off with You talking about your role in the ryan film rate and i wish i did want to back up a little bit visitors. A bunch of stuff et sheridan. Okay i completely forgot about so okay you can go back and talk a little bit about that time period. Take it away. The memory cards empty. Let's see if we can eat it up. Yes so back. When i was just going backwards in time to shoot any game Like i just sort of flipped through in talking about the actual teaching jared but during that time period in there is so much stuff going on. That was outside of sheridan's well. Because i was still rely just left the industry. I was still in touch with a lot of people in in so i was getting a lot of people. Were contacting in saying hey. Can you work on this. And we're a net. And i was trying to accommodate as many people as awfully could. Obviously i could no in. I had to work from home. So is freelancing if you wanna call it that yet but one of the one of the really cool things that happened very very quickly within the first three years is one of my students. It was a cluster of students actually in the very first year that i really enjoyed them. They were very attentive students. They were really gung ho class. That i gave the tim hortons or the harveys thing to write and endured a lot of people but also turned up people. Now so there was a cluster of them who were really into it and One of the fella's name was great highland. he had started. He been doing a little mini car. And for those of you who don't know. What a mini kiss. It's basically a half by eleven sheet of paper folded in half and you draw it in common core and some people will add extra pages you know. Abdomen and make it larger But during the eighties late eighties and early nineties. This was something that a lot of people did and they would go into their local store and they would sell them or put them on consignment to i'm star and that they would hopefully try and solve it would make money and a lot of it was just goofy stuff. And that's that's a great had. He had his character police. Urgent who basically was the opposite of active basically just stood around and things happened around him his only way of indicate he would say and that was it and so he showed me. These little mini comics. Get done and i thought. Wow this is really cool. And he just kept pumping them out and i was really intrigued by acted so into it. It was he was one of these suits who wanted to get our books in love comic books. I love comic books as well But he just obviously student in so you know. What are you gonna do. So i tried to encourage him as much as austin could so i sent to him. You know you should expand this a little bit more each at four pages because it was just one folded sheet of paper. So i said listen. All contribute character created back. When i was working on any walks in droits called ze.

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