A highlight from Grieving When Someone Famous Dies | Honoring Rush Limbaugh, Alex Trebek and others


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I wanna talk to you about individuals who are beloved by millions around the world and who have died when tragedy happens to these individuals. We are struck by our grief reactions. Sometimes we aren't really sure why we would be so affected after all. We don't personally know them. We more than likely never met them but their work in personality have affected a steeply over many years and we admired them respected them appreciated them for their good work. The entertainment they provided and there are authentic spirit. This connected us with them and we are grateful so when something happens to one of them we hurt for them and for us one year ago actually on february ninth. I created an episode entitled when someone famous is sick or has died honoring. Alex trebek's limbaugh and kobe. Brian i showcase the lives of these three extraordinary men and all they accomplished in their lives. I wanted to revisit. This since. Alex trebek's and recently rush limbaugh have passed away. Alex trebek's was born in july of nineteen forty in sudbury canada and until the age of twelve. He attended jesuit schools. He finished high school in ottawa and then went on to study philosophy at the university of ottawa. After entering the journalism field he then realized it would be more lucrative to host game shows after hosting to in canada. He made his way to hollywood in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy three and hosted other short-lived game shows but it was in nineteen eighty-four that alex took the helm at jeopardy and it quickly became one of the most popular game shows in america. Winning four daytime emmy awards for outstanding game show host and has been on the air for over three decades in nineteen ninety. He married jean and they have two children. Emily a matthew. He has also been a spokesperson for various international charities including world vision and the smile train. He had participated in thirteen. Uso tours for american troops overseas and received the prestigious bob hope entertainment award in nineteen ninety eight in march two thousand nineteen. He announced that he had been diagnosed with stage. Four pancreatic cancer and although for many this would be very difficult news. Alex fort a valiant battle with illness coming in regularly to tape jeopardy even when he was so ill from his cancer treatments he wanted the show to go on yet on sunday november. Eighth twenty twenty. Alex trebek's died leaving behind his loving wife and children. he will always be remembered for the entertainment and education. He provided to millions of viewers around the world for so many decades as well as his philanthropic works. Our second featured celebrity was rush limbaugh born on january twelfth nineteen fifty one and just this week on wednesday february seventeenth to twenty one succumbed to lung cancer. At the age of seventy he was born in cape girardeau missouri and attended one year at southeast missouri. State university his family was prominent in the community and his paternal grandfather served as u s ambassador to india under president. Dwight d eisenhower. He also had an uncle who was a federal judge. during president. ronald reagan's administration and his father was an attorney. He knew at the tender age of aid that he wanted a career in radio but his father wanted him to find more suitable job. A more stable job and rush was looked upon as the rebel in the family because he wouldn't fall in line with his father's wishes rush landed his first job in radio while in highschool using the name rusty sharp working as a dj at a local radio station because he was deemed too controversial as a news commentator. He was fired in stations in missouri in pennsylvania and after a stint with the kansas city royals baseball team. He took a job as an on air host a k. f. b. k. in sacramento california in the mid nineteen eighties in less than a year. His ratings were off the charts and he became known as sacramento's top radio host. It was in nineteen eighty. Eight that the rush limbaugh show was nationally syndicated from new york city on. Abc radio and since then has single handedly created the conservative political. Talk show genre. It has been on. The radio for three decades and at one point became the highest rated american show program russia's also authored numerous books including his nineteen ninety-two bestseller the way things ought to be and in nineteen ninety-three see i told you so. Also in nineteen ninety-three. Russia was inducted into the radio hall of fame and the national association of broadcasters hall of fame in nineteen ninety eight. He's a five time winner of the national association of broadcasters more coney award for excellence in syndicated and network

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