When will I know when I can go and get a vaccine?



Hello this is corona cast a daily podcast all about the coronavirus. I'm health reported teigen tyler physician and journalists culture. Norman swan choosy the twenty third of february the second day of national immunization. That's right and we've had saw so many questions from audience about how the vaccine role it's gonna work how you're gonna know when it's your turn in the queue and rather than us answering those questions we thought we'd bring in loren roberts who's a health report at one of our colleagues in the abc science unit because lauren's been looking into the vaccine rolette and how it's gonna work and she's here to answer your questions. Welcome lauren thank you good morning. Carl orange relief is test. Somebody on carcass cass. She knows what they're talking about talking about. I'm talking about the okay. Whatever lauren. let's get straight into it. We've got dolores asking. She's just by heggie practice and they have no idea how the vaccine is going to be rolled out. They waited eight weeks for their flu vaccine last year. What are the logistics. That are involved in the vaccine. Rollout will because there's lots of different phases when not certain about how people are going to be notified through the light rollout. So we're talking about rollouts gonna happen in the latter half of this year. We do know that people that are included in the phase. One eight of the vaccine rollout. So that's i care. Workers people that are currently living in h care. Quarantine workers a lot of these people. They're going to be told by the employer and have the coronavirus vaccine lined up by their employer and then probably get the vaccine at work so people that can h care for example. They'll probably get their vaccine de but it's the latest stages that we're not too sure about. We know that there's a good chance that will eventually be up to register online to get the coronavirus vaccine. I'm but at this stage there is to register. It's a little bit of a white and say so just to be clear. Lauren and give us a flavor as well. In israel people were contacted because they had the electronic health records in the insurance public insurance companies. You're saying is that this whole strategy is going to rely on us registering and then seeing how we qualify at. What stage of the priority list. But it's important thing now to just make sure your medicare details up tonight And if you can have it linked to you my gov and then we know that the federal government has spent about thirty one million dollars in a public information campaign and a lot of the details about the light of rollout which moisture israeliens going to be included in is going to be coming out there so it'll be posted. tv campaigns. That'll be a lot of information on the website but right now it's just that fight that we really nari. They are going to be getting their vaccine soon. We know that they can probably be finding out through their employer but everyone else. We're kind of just going to have to wait and say

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