281 COVID19 Testing and Personal Cancer Screenings


Topic here number different topics and today we're going to talk a little bit about covert nineteen and testing and some of the molecular basis of testing. And some of the things that are being done around testing and molecular analysis of kobe. One thousand nine hundred and other diseases and so we're speaking with joe baki. He's the founder and ceo of quenching. And we'll talk about covid. Nineteen testing a welcome to the podcast. Show great via kevin. It's really nice to have you on. Because i found your website. I was reading about quantum gene and it really does make a lot of sense. What's happening right now. In your concepts that are there seemed to be really applicable to this pandemic. Let's start out by talking about that. Pandemic and role of testing how critical is widespread testing to control the spread of any pandemic. Well it's i think it's the absolute centerpiece foundation to get a who would off Any pandemic Indem at some point because the first thing you need to know in order to take any intelligent action is you need to have the data and if you don't know who has covid wh- any other injuries disease that is spreading fast. Then you can take action. You need to know who has a a fast as it spread spread in. It's not a big secret. This is important otherwise you can't make informed scientific decisions in what cooler revealed is how weak While becquerels our system loss in the beginning of the pandemic on that very basic level to understand. How do we test people. How has a lot of people and what we found at hunchine when vs bid. I would argue the most advanced testing system in the nation. Now in terms of turnaround. Times is that you need to introduce a hoarder A would batch of new technologies into laboratory science to to you know keep up to that it especially cloud in the systems which are nominee not on the table when it comes to biotech These are very important because you need a critical speed and precision in mass testing. And that is what quenching. Reinvented we have the most advanced cloud system included testing that is connected to our laps and this. He can deliver same day turnaround times for advanced. Pc tests all the time. Ninety nine percent of time he deliver less than twelve And i think these capabilities that didn't exist and cuvette meet that pressure died of the pressure in innovation You know allowed companies like ours. Who to really show. What is actually possible in these new advancements on now much more high profile and and disseminate to medicine pasta because of covid. So there's a good something good came out of it. Yeah that it's true but it's really funny about this to me a really interesting. Not so much funny. What's really interesting about this is it seems so obvious. In retrospect and how did we not know that. Testing would be the cornerstone of containing anything. Even especially after we it's been through you know Murders and sars. Well it said knowledge is not enough. The questions who knows what's in who takes action on. What an our challenge. Healthcare is that you know that the system is fitted not from no. This is no high like a rationale behind the system. It's a very evolutionary system will big layoffs have their grip on certain things in the incentives are not aligned with. What's good for people for you and your family. And it's also not aligned to what's good for the nation. In terms of efficient response it is a line to a very convoluted air system and making maximum profit off a nut free market system which creates enormous distortions. So knowledge is not enough. You need incentive structures. You need entrepreneurs who breaks through these structures and create something that's actually aligned to what industry government and individuals actually need. You know one of the places where maybe the biggest failure in the current system is taken as been revealed Los angeles. And i know a looking at your website. There's a presence in california and it's been through really very strict lockdowns and limitations. at least if not lockdowns. Why do numbers keep rising there. That is a very good question because You know you see this weird dichotomy that states that have much more lax shutdown rules actually have louis spread rates. And i think as disconnect in general that you know some people believe the government has to control everything and put a lot of rules in place and others believe maybe it's more of how people behave in taking responsibility for themselves. And i think the interesting things in california. You often have a lot of lots. Over was a mutt. Many more was in the state in the united states Bought the compliance of to all these rules into know commonsense. Things is much lower so you know the response to increase even to to put in. Even tuffah was an decreased compliance. Even more right. So i mean you saw all the was. Lots of demonstrations last year mass demonstrations with no social distancing in all these things and Than people said. That's okay and i understand behind it and you can argue at either way but from a medical point of view of course it. That's a problem. Then you have a lot of underground partying going on iran people. Just ignore everything so you know the funny thing is the shutdowns a much tougher than let's say in texas florida but then when you look what people actually do everyday in how how smart they deal with a pandemic react commonsense approach as well. Let's just be a little cautious. Wash my hands a little bit more. Maybe not hung everyone all the time I think compliance actually higher in in these states. So i think you know. In the end it comes down to having common sense and and understand what population's gonna believe what lee and you know on the surface all these. You know crazy shutdowns. People don't like it at some point or just do other stuff than you will see. The effects of the one thing that all of this is really revealed to me is the importance of testing that has to go hand in hand with any kind of either requests for compliance with restrictions or just generally day to day living in the presence of a pandemic testing is in so how bad are the current limitations in the existing testing strategy. Have very interesting comparison. See because test because we all kind of a high performance testing system. We leah most requested in in the movie. Industry has probably the toughest constraints right now by the union staff test every day and they have to shutdown the next steve. There's anything sound or someone does not get tested to. They have to be on top of their game. And that's what we deliver

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