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What exactly do the women allege? Well, the second woman who came forward on Saturdays Charlotte Bennett. She's 25. She worked as an executive assistant and health policy advisor to the governor. Her account was first reported in The New York Times. He says. Last spring during the height of the pandemic in New York, the governor made several unwelcome advances towards her. According to Bennett, the governor who single and 63 years old also asked her about whether she would consider sleeping with older men. Bennett found that talk pretty unsettling. She did complain about the incident at the time to two female supervisors. They agreed to place her in a new job at the opposite end of the state Capitol building from where the governor's office is located. She later left that job. Her account comes just days after Lindsay Boylan, another former aide, accused the governor of kissing her without her permission during another private meeting in his office and of asking her during a business trip on his private plane, Whether she wanted to play strip poker with him. How is the governor responded to that? Well, he's denying that he did anything wrong. He did issue a lengthy statement Sunday evening, saying that while he never intended to offend anyone, or cause any harm, he admits that he's teased people who he works with about their personal lives and relationships. And the governor goes on. In a statement to say that he now understands that some of the things he said, were misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation and that he's truly sorry about that. But he says he never inappropriately propositioned or touched anyone. What do New York State lawmakers have to say about the governor? At this point? Well, nearly every top Democratic and Republican officeholder, state and federal The allegations need to be taken very seriously. They've

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