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Now, Shawn. Out of curiosity, as far as Lady is concerned, now, quickly would you be able to come up with? I'm not talking about a Gerber QB, but a nice elbow of red to snow white. The seven drawers video every day when I'm talking about seven drawers. Can you come up with that? So I think Happy Friday. I don't have any cocaine, sir. But I love my dog. And if somebody was to kidnap my dog like Lady Gaga is dog was kidnapped. I would do everything in my power to get the dog back a lot, man. You got chastised the first time you said why What Courtney comes in goes, Don't get lady stolen, Shawn. Reed. I'm saying that I love my dog and care about my dog. I didn't think there was anything wrong with that. I just forget. Sometimes that would people on the other end listening who may have bad motives, So let's hope that doesn't happen. Here's p O b g Y n with a dispatch. We have lady. We will return her unharmed if you give us the $10,000 reward. Wait a minute. My picture and email are associated to this dispatcher. Everything Yeah way know who you are. Hey, son, we just found lady. All right? Yep.

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