Verizon is the top bidder on 5G spectrum, committing more than $45 billion


The fcc has announced the winners of wireless airwave auction. It conducted over the past few months which racked up a record. Eighty one billion in bids the mid band spectrum sometimes called the goldilocks band is well suited for five g networks because it is able to transmit large amounts of data on a wavelength that can travel long distances. The two hundred and eighty megahertz spectrum is also especially important to wireless giants who've been trying to fill out their spectrum. Portfolios the big winners verizon via itsel co partnership subsidiary bid nearly forty five point five billion on the airwaves. at and t. through atp spectrum. Frontiers bid twenty three point. Four billion while t mobile bid nine point three billion it already acquired amid band through its merger with sprint. The results were in line with industry expectations and reflect. How important securing licenses for the airwaves is for the carriers.

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