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We have a returning gas brian. Cameo from unstoppable domains and brad. Thanks for joining great. Thanks for Awesome awesome. so we've had you on before for those that maybe missed it. You can go to the reimagine twenty twenty youtube channel Up reimagined twenty two brought cameron and it will populate they're interesting story good stuff there You know for free that. Take a peek out. That i'm having back again. So hopefully we can shed some new light and get some updates in and see what's going on but bradey know what i noticed from. The last discussion is With quite get your journey like into blockchain I've done countless interviews now over the last four months and it'd be It's interesting you know. Love to hear your side and you found out in the rational and how you got into blockchain shore. So i i heard about it from the wired article in two thousand and eleven the rise and fall bitcoin which a lot of people probably heard him read and i remember thinking. Oh this is cool. And that i remember tossing the magazine aside and then nothing about it again. For a couple of years i moved out to san francisco in end of two thousand twelve december. Two thousand twelve to work on marketing tech startup. Six years working on that. But when i moved to san francisco. I moved into this hacker. House called twenty mission Right in the center of the mission district is crazy place a day. After i got there they were shooting horror. Fill there Just to give you kind of an idea of like what the building looks like They didn't need to change the scenery. It was ready to go for the film So there was like a clown getting murdered or something like that right outside my right outside. My door They eventually built it up a little bit. Got a little bit nicer but it was basically. I started by a early bitcoin supporter and essentially everybody. There was some sort of Some sort of a bitcoin enthusiast. The second bitcoin exchange was launched in the basement of the building Trade ill second. Bitcoin exchange in the us. bunch of early meet ups were in the building. The talk was giving talks in or courtyard before theorem. Live was basically everybody that i met when i moved to. San francisco was crypto person. Maybe three weeks. After i got there read the white paper You know maybe rented another couple of times just that first week thought it was one of the most amazing things i've ever heard was a little skeptical about whether or not this could actually work implementation. Wise i'm not ankle so i of needed to trust might eleborate friends. Essentially that this was like real from a tech perspective. They convinced me that it was and reading about it and think about it. Ever since i was more seven years ago. So how is living about pat. I don t twenty mission. It's not there anymore. I don't think right though. There is a lot of phases so a lot of a lot of those early folks in a lotta. Those early crypto folks are have since moved on But it was it was. It was pretty wild in the back in the day. I mean they were doing doing five hundred person. Y- parties with multiple. Dj's going until six am and stuff like that A lot of meet ups. It was amazing. I met so many. Jimmy's metallic was so he's to my. Cto is what was in a hacker house. I don't think he was. I think he might have been twenty mission as well but there was another one. A nearby and metallic was pitching a theory at that time Which kind of blew. Everybody's mind when he was trying to sell tokens and obviously my cto. Now wish he would have awesome. Yeah yes i didn't actually. I didn't get to talk to patel. Bear but it i did a. I was taking this class collection. You in south bay. And i think twenty fifteen and batali gave a talk Talking about a theory. And what. I heard it. It sounded like the most convoluted confusing thing ever. Everybody was like why. What's gas wise there. Gas is that different than ease. The token like it was just so confusing hours. Like is this really. Is this really going to work. It just seems so So bazaars i i didn't i didn't immediately get it. I don't think i'm probably took me another year. After the thing was was live when i started seeing some apps and then finally once i could see apps i was like okay now i get it now. This is a decentralized platform for apps

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