Los Angeles County's Older Residents Can Now Sign Up For Vaccine Appointments


We're of course talking about the dreaded vaccine rollout the state of california and specifically in la county. We're beginning tomorrow. Though sixty five and older will begin to be able to make appointments to get the vaccine they are going to go ahead in. La county by executive order from the la county board of supervisors. The chair chairperson. He'll disa- lease start giving vaccines to anybody. La county sixty five or older. They're opening up. More vaccination sites that include six flags magic mountain forum and the pomona fairplex. Now this story and the also going to time says that by the end of the week forty thousand doses per day could be administered at the vaccination sites that includes dodger stadium. So you think about that. Forty thousand doses. But what's going to happen. Once people get their appointments to sixty five olders that's going to ramp up the number the demand so a lot of people won't be able to get appointments because if that's the number that they could administer per day even at all those mega sites i still the demand from that. Large demographic is probably going to outstrip the appointment availability. They can only take appointments for you. Know what they have in vaccine allotments

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