The changing research landscape for academics

Future Tense


This widespread unease within the global academic community over the dominance of journal articles and conference papers as the premier way the setting a researches status and performance katrina manful in the uk has been busy serving scientists about just that very issue and about their hopes and fears for the future. Dr manville is research leader with rand europe. We conducted the study with academics. From across england it was funded by reset kingdom. Which is the equivalent of the australian research council and they were interested in understanding. How research is going to change over the next ten years. I think the important thing to remember here is the research that will be published in ten years. Time is what's being undertaken. Now the average length of time it takes to produce an academic articles about four years and so to ensure that we are right at the cutting edge of that. This sort of research needs to be that forward looking so what we did was. We conducted a survey with over three thousand academics to get a broad opinion across all disciplines and all different career stages and understand what they think they will be doing in ten years time

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