Steve Bannon, Paul Ericson And Kenneth Moten discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Allies like former adviser Steve Bannon, who's charged with defrauding political donors. Explaining the part in the White House on, Lee said that Bannon has been quote an important leader in the conservative movement, also on Trump's list conservative operative Paul Ericson, who's serving time for fraud. Meanwhile, after pledging to drain the swamp, the president overnight rolled back and ethics rule that had prevented political appointees from taking lobbying jobs. After they leave office. ABC is Kenneth Moten. The president did not pardon himself or any other members of his family. The federal appeals court in Washington got in the last minute slap at the outgoing president, striking down a new rule that eased federal regulation of power plant pollution. The court said the rule was based on an illegal interpretation of the Clean Air Act. The United States sailed through 400,000 deaths in the pandemic, and the worst may be yet to come. Public health officials are now warning that the so called dark winner Isn't over yet. Incoming CDC director Dr Rochelle Wolinsky said that she fears that this country could hit half a million dead from the coronavirus by the middle of next month. ABC Steve Austin Sami, You're listening to ABC News now here's what's happening

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