Everywhere you go. You know something way haven't talked that much about the long time is


But now now that we have a new administration coming in back up to the top ballistic goes On that story coming up next first, though, let's do traffic and weather together. Catch up on the drive with Julie. The horny We still have accident activity on the inbound side of I 10, the East Freeway at Mercury. It's near the entrance ramp in a little bit of a delay is you're moving that way. Pride about five minutes worth. Also, we had a center lane blocked on the West. Sam Houston Tollway North Bend at the South San told Plaza that is a stalled vehicle. I'm too weedy Hardy and the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 Hour Traffic Center from our ktrh John More services 24 hour Weather Center today cloudy skies early Carly Carly for the afternoon. There's a very slight chance for rain

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