Panel to look into Maryland's rollout of COVID-19 vaccine


Now toe local delays on the Corona virus vaccine in Maryland. There is a lot of confusion or difficulty getting appointments, and that is prompting state lawmakers to create an oversight group and make this better. Maryland Senate president Bill Ferguson says there's a need for a panel to push for more accountability. On the state's efforts to get people vaccinated to protect them from the coronavirus, he says. Right now, there are unacceptable levels of confusion about vaccine access, Administration and distribution. So what does he want? The state of Maryland and the Department of Health to do? I don't think there is one specific answer. There is no question. This is a very challenging logistical puzzle. Still, Ferguson said, there is a need for oversight with the Senate panel that will look at efficiency. Wait times for vaccines and House of Ply and demand is being managed. Mike Ricci, Communications director for governor, Larry Hogan, said the governor advised that given the demand for the vaccines, the process would take time.

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