A highlight from Prememento #136: Season 4 Episode 15 - Roberto Martinez


It mike not said basing rangers in the european would girard one. I would've given him more credit if that if held long enough but the baby couldn't help us toward a righteous slip up which she's going to be the title on for every game he doesn't win while speaking to slip up sickly west sells it. Were getting because he's gonna go monitor. It wouldn't surprise me if it was one of mine. O.'neil gordon shocking. That craig brown chase he actually. Who's and also it's he got it. Somebody somebody's recently zapped from england and has a highly standing even if it doesn't necessarily deserve somebody tiny compound set you start of the season to know in tottenham loss against everton lot marina was finished complete ler also marino Would be amazing mclovin. Roy came into play from but it would just be like he would he would go on taipa which means you could focus his energies on trolling. Yup she's bests skill and it will be near her sister in the of which would be incredible. Marina probably would just get kind of you know when you're in the supermarket yet they sites where the specific spilled mobbed them on the first game. He just marked penalty box cutters plant in the port. Mad orca talking. We're gonna win the lady so back the best description i sort of it is the basically greenish still. Yeah i never things called reverted back to this thing is a long thing. I think it's no. I also think as well loic are going to suffer funds. Come back and the two of memorial forever to the them. I can see i can see spurs talk for yes. I wouldn't like to talk for as magenta their guests. Well i thought i did. I did hurricane says jumpy. Well there was a motion of. I going to sit up but if it stays like it's not one because it's so much something tons of like not shit offer designed to dan tolls but then if we're going to be good enough to win where he wants to win spurs sissies. Don't spend spend a lot of money but spend light transfer but transfer coup book came will cost late hundred and fifty yet. Says he spent more world records. Well actually no see not message soma. He's been promised which voice on contract after move.

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