A highlight from Mitch McConnell and the Senate Give Trump the Shaft

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Your donations are always welcome. Okay let's get into it As you know the news today breaking news That the electors from all the state january six twenty twenty one are to be counted and congress by the vice president. Who presides as president of the senate mike pence. Well what happened a little earlier. A few hours earlier is Patriots trump supporters in patriots have stormed the door and breach the capital Inside inside hall of the capitol. Why this is going on and it looks like it went from peaceful protest to now. They're storming the capital There's chaos pandemonium everywhere folks. this doesn't look good. this doesn't look good at all. okay Just as i predicted Mitch mcconnell and the senate and then of course the republican congress they are going against president trump and seventy two million plus voters. They are and just as i said before on other podcasts. Folks that this prearrange. Nancy pelosi Mitch mcconnell have agreed the mine. The my majority leader in the senate. The house speaker. Nancy pelosi mitch. Mcconnell in the senate have already agreed and have already worked out the details. How to quell and how to put down the actual Insurrection if you will and that's a strong but even put that down put that down To put the people down to put the members that are protesting this right. Now these fraudulent votes the this act of treason. This is treason. I knew this was going to happen. I knew that everybody nobody on the democrat side as in support. This and i knew that people will start the bail on trump. I just didn't know exactly. How many but. I knew the majority Leader in the senate. Mr mcconnell isn't worth a shit folks. he's a piece of crap. There is no loyalty. I know that lots of people their votes basically aren't being counted. And and and the congress isn't gonna i if if you think congress is going to help you you're out of your fucking mind disproves everything i've been saying folks. I'm four for four. I'm not keeping numbers. But i'm telling you i'm four for four right now making predictions. This is exactly how. I thought that it would play out. This is exactly going down. Just as i thought that congress won't support to president trump. They have no they. Don't wanna rock the boat. These people here these people in congress these evil evil people. It's been here for years and years and years Mcconnell pelosi chuck schumer and the the other senator Senate minority leader. These people have been in swamp for years and years and years. They're not going to let somebody like president. Trump take their power. Take that away and squash. That i've been trying to tell people this and tell people this and they say all air. Eric you need to fuck off and go. Screw yourself and blah blah blah blah blah. and all. This stuff okay okay. There is no critical thinking here. This was all prearranged as i. Keep saying it's pre-arranged folks. The details were worked out. It's just knew the patriot. You the trump supporter you. The the the good patriot didn't know the details. All your told is just to go to washington protest. That's all you're told you don't know anything you don't know the inner workings of what's going on. I was able to figure this out through my sources and keep digging that.

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