Britney Spears these fears. Jason Alexander,


Watched movies. One double 07. Yeah, well, the one James Bond movie directed Die another day. More like that's all that 10, you probably would be more inclined to watch it. Knowing that 16 years ago 15 years ago he's arrested and a transvestite prostitution staying Wait for it. He was the transvestite prostitute. All right, he was able to get the solicitation charge dropped after pleading no contest to misdemeanor trespassing. He was placed on three years probation and not allowed to loiter, congregate and alleys or accept rides with intent to engage in prostitution went on to direct triple X State of the union. So Wow. Okay. I was just follow up to the O. Also 29 years ago, 1992 George Bush Sr vomit into the lap of Japanese Prime Minister. Oh, right. And now we're here When the eve of the 17th anniversary earlier this week of his annulment from the marriage, he had Britney Spears these fears. Jason Alexander, this dude is getting some shout outs on the show as it is now making headlines for being I don't know. Front row for the attempted coup at the Capitol. I would have expected Michael Richards to be there. What would that hole and

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