A highlight from Episode 59 - GUEST Justin Hobson - Wasted Wizards and Board Games, Food Challenges and John Travolta Cage Match


Podcast. We have our guest. Justin hopson won't be talking about board games food challenges and john travolta cage match welcome to episode fifty nine of the spivey special podcast. We're here we did it. we did it. We made it to fifty nine. I don't know what that means but we did it all knows. I'm tired of it just being us. I'm so glad that we finally got a guest with us. We very exciting episode lineup. Today we have our guest. Justin hopson with us today justin. How're you doing. I'm doing great. How are you gentlemen doing. We're doing good works to have you on the show. Very excited more excited here about his board game. The old wasted wizards. It's gonna be a good episode where we take by his game. We're gonna be talking about other board games. We talk about food challenges. Which i don't know he made fifty nine without talking about food. Jones's i don't know i feel like every time you eat. It's a challenge. It's yeah the opposite. No chance to get your jeans off at the end of the that's average allen just to get me to wear jeans. They don't make they don't make genes for me now. Maternity jeans like little elastic around the top bills. Don't work very where mom jeans exclusively. That's fine whatever's comfortable old. Maternity clothes can make basketball shorts into jeans and so they needed factors gave yesterday. Workout pants. Sweatpants i think we've looped all the way back around to sweatpants. I just need sweatpants all pants. You wear your sweat that's fair. I'm so glad this is the way the show state. I'm wearing some challenges and we're going to have another crazy game a grab bag here at the end all right. So we're gonna take a quick break and we're gonna come back with the remember that thing. Hey remember that thing. The moon landing jazz trapper keepers manners. South sunny d. yeah. I remember those things. This week i remember that thing.

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