Boston Red Sox Take A Closer Look At Corey Kluber


There is more activity coming out of boston as well. They are rumored to be interested in several free agents and buster olney. espn's buster only reported that quote. The red sox have talked a ton of possibilities are preparing for a series of moves before the start of spring training and quote so move. Benintendi isn't the only move. That's on the mind for the red sox There's a couple of other names here. That have been linked right hander. Jayco dharavi starting pitcher. He he's up and down when it comes to his career. He was in minnesota for some time then down to texas but professional arm to come in and give them quality innings veteran relief pitcher. Alex colom formerly of the white sox in his point eight. Era from twenty twenty now. There are some concerns when you dive in a bit. Deeper into sabermetrics there is a dip in velocity and hard hit contact has increased. But you know it is a results oriented. Sport and alex colom was still fantastic for a the white sox this past summer. You have former cy. Young winner corey kluber pitching for teams on wednesday january thirteenth. So you guys may know how that workout went by the time. You're listening to this He's gonna throw about twenty five thirty pitches and it seems to be about two thirds of major league. Baseball teams will be in attendance. So the main goal is to show teams. He's healthy show. Teams that velocity is still there because he's basically missed. The entirety of the last two seasons with multiple injuries forearm torn right Throwing muscle a lot of different things going on with kluber but he could be a perfect. You know bowe bilo free agent option for not only boston but a couple of other different teams out there and the last guy the red sox have been tagged to is actually outfielder yasuko week. You know puig's been in and out of baseball and could find himself as a cheap option out there in the outfield for boston and a lot of people don't like i actually don't mind him. I liked the energy place with. I like the passion that he brings to the yard ultimately he's probably not the performer. He once was but he'll give you a professional at bats. Play hard for you. And i do think that people in boston would certainly like

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