Montana tribes begin next phase of COVID-19 vaccinations


This is national native news. Tony gonzalez oklahoma congressman tom. Cole opposes impeaching president trump as members of the house moved to impeach trump accusing him of inciting violence against the government after last week's deadly riot at the us capitol and a house rules committee meeting tuesday. Kohl condemned the violence and called for justice for those who took part in violent acts. Cole says the president bears some responsibility for what occurred but says he will not support. Impeachment differ with my college in the majority. I do not believe there. Proposed course of action. Impeachment is the appropriate solution. I can think of no action. the can take is more likely to further. Divide the american people and by putting the country through the trauma of another impeachment. As i speak today. We're just eight days from the end of president trump's term of office next week president-elect biden will take the oath of office as the president of the united states at a time like this we should be seeking a path forward Healing a path toward healing the american people but instead majorities rushing to judgment without due process. The house wednesday began debate on an impeachment resolution against the president tribes in montana have vaccinated healthcare workers for covid nineteen and are moving forward on plans for community members. Yellowstone public radio's caitlyn nicholas reports last week the rocky boy health center which serves the chippewa cree in northern montana initiated phase two of the rocky boy covid nineteen vaccination plan misty denny the health centers public information officer says the scheduling team began calling elders age. Sixty five and older on december thirty first to schedule appointments or trying to discourage any kind of elderly patients from this show enough so they've been working diligently to contact the eligible recipients directly by phone danny says the clinic vaccinated healthcare workers from its initial shipment of two hundred doses of moderna vaccine and is using the remainder of its second shipment of two hundred doses for elders prioritizing those over seventy five with medical conditions most montana counties are still in there i roll out of the vaccine to healthcare workers who have direct contact exposure with the virus however other tribes in montana including the crow northern cheyenne black feet fort belknap indian community and the confederated salish and kootenai tribes started vaccinating elderly tribal members. This week. After completing the first phase of vaccinations all tribal members are prioritized to receive the vaccine under montana's vaccination plan native americans and montana have experienced disproportionately high rates of infection and mortality from the corona virus for national native news. I'm caitlyn nicholas. The navajo nation has connected more than seven hundred homes to the electrical grid using covid nineteen relief funds as arizona. Public radio's ryan hinds reports the navajo tribal utility. Authority is using nearly forty million dollars from last year's cares act to improve power lines grid capacity the tribe intended to bring power to about five hundred homes before the end of last year but was able to exceed. The goal is crews worked long hours over several months. It's a continuation of the light up navajo project that began in two thousand nineteen about a quarter of the fifty five thousand households on the navajo nation. Aren't connected to the electrical grid. It prevents access to running water reliable lighting heating and cooling as well as modern refrigeration and internet access the navajo tribal utility authority is also installing. Solar power systems in two hundred homes and several families have received bathroom additions in water. Cisterns using cares act funding. It's all part of a broad plan approved by the tribe in august for electrical water infrastructure and broadband projects in all the federal covid relief package allocated more than seven hundred million dollars to the navajo nation for national native news. I'm ryan hunches in flagstaff and demand. Tony gonzales

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