S2E87: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/15/21 | Tommy Too Smoov - burst 23


Happy birthday. Be great day or celebrate ruling that we love so much and i know everybody room with this woman. A kindred spirit man. This is just a beautiful person. Not saying this to be saying i noticed woman. This woman is beautiful inside and out you guys man one over there men and wish her happy birthday. This is what i'm talking about. Thank god for. Jesus god put people in your lives like this j. I know slowly got that does this. I'm telling this woman is a beautiful person. That's why i'm here. We day cine. If i can get a tenth of llanesa ronald personality per one hundred times better mccarrick though. Yeah so i keep saying there's gonna take a long time to get that ten percent. That's right so i keep saying happy birthday. Let's man hope you have a day and everything words for you and it's the weekend all s right chat room. Every week almost had all crying in here. That's right. she had any every she calls. I wanna drop tier i. She still has the best. Chat room The week speech. Pull it up play next week. Speech now richard nine. Hey check out his apparent wolf nation. Check them out. Check him out. Check a male what richard. hey richard. Yoga is in the building. Hey younger thank you as dj yogurt bill de at the job. You're playing my music on the show. Russ before i make this delivery. Listen to this zach de. He's at the depot. Y'all everybody i told you i'm better than this. I'm better than this. I put his job but this is way by dream is right here.

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