S2E86: SHMS 011421 - burst 28


Hillside no not. Patterson pat paterson new jersey paterson new jersey. That's a barbecue. we want to roll out. Let me know Paterson new jersey. That's good for monique. Scott muni t That's she's still have. Yeah now once. She's going to call in and talk about it because it was an incredible journey. Her spot That's a a friday of february. The twelfth we be He bouchon harvey vpn paterson new jersey. Okay and Come on down. And let's get this going and in the next night on the thirteenth. We here in definitely pennsylvania. All right we get some live entertainment starting to come back in the in the community I i got we got. I have a big at coming out here in the springtime. Yeah i'm gonna announce that soon as everything on that deal is done. Big act coming out here. We're gonna tear it up. We'll come back but we'll do it the right way We have a limited amount of seating for february the thirteenth. Yeah okay but he's probably going to go. The spot is a small place but as we will have a lotta love so you need take hit me up this february thirteenth here. Locally in bethlehem pennsylvania february twelfth the day before paterson new jersey. Come follow me this weekend hangout

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