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Which has been really big this show. That's the kobe stuff all right math. Well yeah so. I didn't realize. I become a expert this year. I learned so much just from the pandemic. can you tell some popular groups that have bought. Ppv migas we actually sold to the boston. Celtics pandemic would reach out. And they're like. I'm trying to get mask. No it's for a professional sports team. And i'm just curious. I'm like who the boston celtics. I was like that's cool. Hey everybody welcome to the show today. We have ashley smith with dakar x. On you know when you sell to clinics all over the nation and they closed due to a pandemic. what do you do. Well we've been talking about looking for opportunities and ashley smith in her team and people that docker eggs did just that. We're going to talk about how they saw way to not only keep their doors open but to keep other offices open as well. Hey i'm karen i'm former. Cpa business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to to business ashley smith. Thank you for being on the show. Thank you for having me what is duct works. So i've duck. Rx is a licensed manufacturer. Wholesaler and distributor of health care products and services for hospitals pharmacies and positions. Our mission is simple ensure patients. Receive the best possible care no matter what. So what do you do a duck eggs. So i actually am the vice president of our wholesale pharmacy division. We have medical supplies under their repackage medication. We put all that stuff at our warehouse in alabama and just ship it out clinics and that includes ppe includes pp and we also have rapid flu tests and many other tests. Hey eastern four. Do you want to know something funny. I didn't even know what it stood for eye clinics. They're like do you. Have p p my friend. Google i go. What does that mean personal protective equipment. Okay good good to know hard. Ppe all over the place and it's so funny we just throw that around now like it's not like you've got some do you have people. Apa prior to the pandemic never heard p p. One reason. I wanted to you on the show but i i'd like the listeners. To know that i worked for docker ex you worked for docker. Docker sponsors this show so i i wanted all playing out there. You're not here because duck sponsors year here. Because i've been watching develop something that i've always believed and that you've got to stop doing things the same way if you want different result or when tragedy happens to look for opportunities and so what was the jumpstart for that for you guys for finding the opportunity through this pandemic because brian asked me to do it. That's why the stock act. Like i woke up to a text message that was like we have mask and i'm like i think some of our vendors have some can check. I ne- mask got it. So those mass turned into gloves and sanitizer and downs. everything. Brian has always challenged me. And i love a good challenge. So i was like if brian needs mask. I'm gonna find him some asked we actually worked with a local company here kalligas and they provided our facials which was on the show. Did you re. He did on the show and talked about win. He was right after it happening and the mayor and all that and how he had taken his printing company and was making facials. We wanted to help a local company out. i. I love supporting any other. Businesses that are small businesses especially in the same city. As so you know we could have bought from other people but they were really nice to work with. I mean they would make our face shields and they would personally deliver them over to dr x. Which was really need. that is cool. That's cool part of the story. yes so And then it went from you. Know how prior to the pandemic the model for docker acts on medical supplies we worked with other vendors and they would drop ship which basically means you know we would order with them and they would ship it directly to our clinics.

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