Traveling To Snowdonia


Let's start with a peak at the natural appeal of the largest national park. In wales snowdonia the highest peak and wales in fact the highest peak in england and wales is called snowden sits in the heart of the snowdonia region and in one of britain's first national parks these welsh islands offer outdoor adventures gorgeous backdrop and draw countless tourists each year. Well skied martin. The land of its is here to help us make the most of our time in snowdonia martin. Thanks for being here. Thank you for having me there. So i've been to your home. Snowden is right in the backyard you grew up there in northern wales snowden in snowdonia national park mean to you. It's a place. I tend to walk quite a lot. It's just a huge and beautiful area. When i say huge. It's massive eight hundred and twenty seven square miles but you don't see that many people in it feels massive because it's it's windy it stark. It's pristine yeah. Small road not allowed to crowds. How tall is mount snowden. It's the massive height of three thousand six hundred fifty feet above sea level at its peak but because it rises more or less out of the sea. Yeah it has the aspect of bigness about it. It's so interesting because here on the west coast of the united states. Three thousand five hundred feet. It's like this is sort of a medium mountain pass for britain. That's a big peak. That's you know. Ben davis is the highest one in britain and there are few mountains over four thousand of the snowdonia national park. You have all of wales peaks over three thousand feet high and on. I think there's only one pecan english over three thousand okay. And this is the north of wales in. I've traveled on wheels. A fair bid. I just if you got limited time. I would recommend north. The peaks only Less than four thousand feet but didn't The british Climbers have mount everest. Actually practice in the snowden area. They practiced in that. Nobody had ever used oxygen on a mountain before. And so they had a stroll round be had Two systems an open and closed. And they thought oh. The closed system is much better. But what they didn't realize goes onto everest the vows and clo- system froze so the luckily they had a couple of open systems with them but they had some rugged enough areas in north wales where thought they could have some practice there. And you do get to some mountain. they're not resorts alert. Sort of hiking centers or something there. There's some beautiful towns. There's town called. Beth goulart galaxy. Guess who described beth killer it's a mountainous area and therefore towns villages. They nestle in the valleys. They don't sit on tops of hills and bathe galax which means ballots grave is useful in a little bowl with rivers running through it stone building. Oh everything is built on. Everything is built stone bridges over the babbling drone bridges and of course slate roofs because wales used to be the slate production center of the world at one time that right so when we think about going to north wales as a visitor and we want to do some hikes. What advice would you give for enjoying the nature of snowden national park and bringing up some calories at the same time you can hike all levels. Mt snowden itself with acid in welsh is an attraction. And there's a railway that runs up if you don't wanna walk for three hours just take the train and this is kind of a cute little tourist steam train. Yeah it goes from some berries up to the top and that's a family out it is. It gets crowded. Some of what i was going to say is that snowden is like a magnet people have heard people know that so that eight hundred and twenty seven square. Miles will get away from snowden. You'll see fewer and fewer and people which is a lovely thing. It is very empty area. It is and if you wanted to have some rugged memory you could hike it without the steam train. Take what five hours or so three hundred. Well five hours up and down if you if you know. It's a nice day. It's a lovely day. Beware say this flat up. Beware of times of year like easter when it's considerably cooler the top dress. Well okay

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