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Dogma Debate


Let's jump straight in. Because i want to bring our guest in on the conversation immediately. He's a former congressman from virginia's fifth district he's now nc are is chief strategist and author of bigfoot. It's complicated which. I really hope we have time to get into and i really hope. He's still a republican. Let's find out join me in welcoming denver riggleman to the show. Thanks for joining me today. Sir thanks for having me sir. Oh well you heard that with us for the first time it just came out moments ago. What are your thoughts. So i'd like to state as we start here. The president trump reid tweeted a few months ago that the joe biden. Kill seal team six. I think god you're right. No you know. That's and that's what i was when i was listening to that speech after what i heard Down near the white house right before the siege on the capital. In fact that i've been in. Congress have been in the house. And i knew some of those people that spoke like madison call or mo brooks of talked to many times Don jr. meant obviously rudy giuliani I've met obviously and and what i really saw. Their david was absolute Language to incite really. It happened over the months and months and to hear that right now. My my first reaction is not really a politician but as an intelligence officer and something counter-terrorism like somebody's very afraid of the senate trial for impeachment. I thought the same thing Michael came in a few seconds in michael goes. Looks like a hostage video like he looks like he like. It's not really his words. He just feels the need to say these things he had to. I mean you know. The thing is is that his his term does end. I know that there are some people that are still listening to pastures and trucks talking about biblical prophecy that president trump is right now hidden a bunker and mike. Flynn is going to be the next vice president but by the way that's true. I just saw this video two days ago. One hundred eighty five thousand likes david on a facebook video from some dude in a truck saying that you know he's a pastor and had biblical prophecy and he just went through the whole cunanan thing and i just shaking my head about the ridiculousness out there. But he still wants to keep his brand to. He's got to make money. And how's he going to do that. And i think there's a lot of things you need to worry about. And that speech was the copa. That was so too late and show not anything that he said before that very hard to believe men. You're spot on. I mean. I i you know about damn time is the first reaction and then does he even believe the stuff he's saying is the second reaction So late you know so late to the party So that so that my listeners have a little bit background as to why this conversation between the two of us is so important You know you're you're only a former congressman because apparently you weren't conservative enough for your district right you. You lost to someone who was far more conservative and on top of that. I've seen you. I've seen pictures. Anyway of you officiating. Same sex wedding so you don't sound very republican the to us sir. What's going what's going on over there. Why are you so open minded and logical. You know when iran. You know. i've only been. I don't know people know this about me. I was i was a ceo. sell my company in two thousand twelve doing counterterrorism and counterintelligence work. Could you know not. Only that i can. I can go back in time. If i told you the crazy stuff. I've done like we mission plan. The first bombing runs death in afghanistan for nine eleven. that was our squadron. It was me Oman training omanis on. F16 sixteen operations in two thousand and ninety nine. I was on. The romanian serbian border for operation. Allied for trying to stop ethnic cleansing. I've had a hell of a life and that's just the beginning counter idea. Actually our team that was tracking sulejmani and two thousand six two thousand seven so when people saw my resume like this son of a gun never been in politics before when i ran as a republican i was asked to because the my predecessor had to resign because of alcoholism. Which is a little ironic. Since i'm going to stiller. I one on accident one by one. Vote against a christian. Dominion est They called me a baby killing sodomite But i thought if if practicality and i was a good guy team player like in my military days voted independently when i had to I thought i would see that. I care about people more than the career. Because i didn't need the paycheck and sadly after the same sex wedding david conspiracy theory started about me that i was working for soros to turn children into alternative lifestyles by funding schools. To teach that doug gay sex was okay. And that i really started saying cunanan was turning and blossom and this was back in twenty nineteen and since my background is in you tracking isis and al qaeda and disinformation and radicals. I said this also looks like that. We have almost the same type of thing here. We have people that are using language of dehumanisation and antisemitic. Tropes to go after people. And you know it's like a lot my book right. It's about bigfoot belief systems and take over people's lives so really been a hell of a time for me. I never thought that My family we get death threats You know i never you know. I never thought that. I can tell you this. Now that somebody would remove the lug nuts are in them all up on my right front tire at a rally where i came out and felt funny and took it to a shop and look like they tried to hurt me pretty bad so this has been one of my life has been like for the past two years david. And guess what athem you know. This is what they want to bring it. Bring it because i got fifty acres of distillery and i'm a second amendment guy and but i'm also a free thinker and pretty socially libertarian. So i don't know where. I fit bud

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