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The big thing is if something goes wrong with t. Two or bridge less which can happen. Because bridge s itself gets updated all the time with regular mac os updates and on occasion. Those things can go wrong and Apple then basically let you either revive restore your mac. You need another mac usb c cable. You need apple configuration. Her on another mac. And there's some documents that walk you through how to do this. I had to do it only once and it was probably my fault. I was like goofing around with like early. Version of the big sur beta and tried to go back and like it all went sideways. Yeah most people everyday life are not going into this. But it's good to know that if you have issues where amac's not going to boot and you can't get into recovery mode and clearly. Something is just really messed up. This is available to you or to your service agent. You know if you go to the genius bar independent shop so but really i think for the vast majority uses the vast majority of the time. This doesn't get in the way. It makes your mac more secure in a way that you don't really notice now we're gonna talk in a little while about how some people in the enterprise feel about this or who maybe need to run a bunch of macs. Maybe some of this stuff is a headache but for the individual user or the small business. None of this absolutely going to get your way. Yeah does this. I know like for instance. There are some articles. I've been reading about apple. Silicon and like the nuke and pave processes changed. Because of all. This stuff is that is that minor. Is that correct yet. It's a little bit different and at least the time we were recording this in early january twenty twenty one some of it's actually a little bit broken on apple side but it is basically more or less the same because you sell recovery mode you get into a different way but once you're in recovery mode you have the same sorts of tools available to you. The big difference is that this is not a separate t to chip is built into the apple. Silicon chip again again. The sort people have asked you to time. Don't even know that. But i think it's super interesting that is built in and one thing they've added to all of this is that system record. Protection is running. All the time is any continuously even though the system is on a read only volume even though that system is cryptography signed and checked by apple it is now checked continuously during startup. So if you install an application you try to do something somehow and you run afoul of these rules. Then the mac knows about immediately and can and will prompt to address it. And so it's always got your back instead. Of just at startup will be clear on intel. It wouldn't find the problem until the next time you turn your computer on. How often do you re computer. I mean seriously. Like i very rarely reboot machines. I think most people don't very often this episode of the power users is brought to you by indeed go to indeed dot com slash. Npr you get a free seventy five dollars. Credit to upgrade your next job post hiring is one of those things that you do not wanna

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