Interview With Michael Rooker


I was lucky enough to speak to michael rooker a few years ago about his role as merle on the walking debt. And i'll tell you speaking of the walking dead man your death scene i think it was. I think people's reaction was a guy that people didn't like and some hate it and then in that scene you won over so many people because it was you're acting it was just. He was so cold distant. And then normand's reaction the combination of those two things. Wow wha- throughout the wealthy are morals are in that in that series even from the beginning you can see that it wasn't gonna be your your everyday average cliche redneck. Okay yeah yeah malls mal. Dixon was very complicated character. Very complicated man and so to make sure i get a good job with that was very important to me so You played with it so that the there was surprise. And and you know you find out you know. In my opinion a lot of the comments that were made on the reach a racist and sexist comments to me were not because melvin is or is not a racist sexist. it was sardonic humor and just coking. You know it was intentional. These comments were very extremely intentional. Because these people weren't letting me go. I mean they have the i. I'm not hiding being a real dick any money and they throw or being asked you know what you know. I i'm not gonna end up the beach. I mean come on five or up again. I'm i'm not high anymore. And i'm doing okay. Basically why were they still keeping me Cost in the first place. It was ridiculous it was like a punishment. Keep me in the corner and cut the to this his attitude my attitude or for all to that that portion of of the t show the only way i get you back gurgling so and all the verbal cottman i thought were. We're quite thought out and writes Very cool and just indicated Basically if you look at it again it indicates the exactly. I how intelligence guy is how he can. He can sense what you get on your nerves and so he said exactly what you don't want a year and then you hear it and you get more upset more upset. He's not doing his causing justice. I mean not making him you come over there on him and he sooner but those comments i think are his way of getting back. It was at at these people who are like you know keeping him under lock and key there so i of course nobody. Nobody even thought ever they leave me. There and i wasn't even intentional. I mean they were. They're coming back to trust me but but just happened. Someone in two left g or

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