Love in Lockup Pt. 3: Tough Love

Crimes of Passion


By. I'm leaning. hobbs and this is crimes of passion. A spotify original from podcast. This is the final episode of our three part. Special about finding love and lockup. We're taking a look at the ways. Inmates form relationships in prison the issues. That complicate these romances and the high profile cases of love gone right and wrong. You can find episode of crimes of passion and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify. or wherever. You listen to podcasts. Last week we covered three prison. Love stories that all took dangerous turns this week. We'll examine three more infamous romances between prisoners and civilians. Living life on the outside some of these relationships seemed to work but only for a little while will explore this shocking confessions secrets and tragic crimes. That put an end to their forbidden. Love we'll have all that and more coming up. Stay with us before you. Listen to the next podcast. 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There are lots of three products hiding in plain sight that you might not realize including n ninety five respirators and response to covid. Nineteen freedoms increased respirator production to make more respirators than ever before. Helping those on the front lines. Continue the fight. Learn more at three am dot com slash covid. Few prison relationships are more notorious than the one between serial killer ted bundy and caroline boon though. They never had a traditional romance. They did meet before. His incarceration with bundy was dating another woman in nineteen seventy four. The two were coworkers at a washington state government agency that searched for missing women. My ron glee. At the time bundy had already kidnapped raped and killed around thirteen of his victims but he was an expert a keeping the darkness lurking in his heart. Secret from the outside world. Boone divorced single. Mother only saw the likeable charismatic facade. That bundy presented to the outside world. Like nearly everyone else. She found him charming and intriguing. She later said. I liked ted immediately. We hit it off. Well he struck me as being a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface then what was on the surface while they started off as friends at some point their relationship became something more though. Bundy didn't immediately break things off with his other girlfriend. He and boone remained. Close even after bundy started making headlines she stuck by his side after he was arrested for kidnapping and murder several times. She believed in his innocence even when he repeatedly slipped away from police custody. Boone even apparently aided and one of bundy's most infamous getaways in nineteen seventy seven. She visited bundy in jail. Supposedly the to spent two hours holding hands and staring affectionately into each other's eyes guard zoom. They were dating. But the love fest was actually just a cover allowing boon to smuggle cash straight into bundy's hands. She knew bundy was accused of brutal heinous atrocities yet willing to put freedom on the line to help him before. I continue with caralan boone psychology. Please note. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but i have done a lot of research for the show. Boone likely went above and beyond for bundy while he was in prison in an attempt to show her loyalty. According to canadian inmates connect founder. Melissa fasano support like boone's is often expected and relationships where one party is incarcerated. Perhaps it can act as a replacement for the traditional duties of a romantic partner like preparing meals or attending social gatherings physi- notes that you can still have a relationship but you don't have to be as committed in terms of cooking dinner every night and going to obligatory family functions instead you can smuggle your boyfriend cash to help fund his life on the lam and that's exactly what happened. Thanks to boon's help. Bundy escaped custody. On december thirtieth. Nineteen seventy seven. He used the money to leave. Colorado fleeing from the state before the prison guards noticed he was gone. Luckily his freedom didn't last. The police finally caught up with bundy and rearrested him. In february of nineteen seventy eight. That didn't stop boone from rushing to his aid once again. In june of nineteen seventy-nine bundy appeared in court to face charges for assault and the murder of two women at a florida university sorority house. It was the final straw for bundy's previous longtime girlfriend who effectively cut off communication with him before the trial. Boone however stayed by his side. Bundy told true crime writer and rule that he ballooned became very very close and fat. Their relationship flourish boone. Still firmly believed bundy was innocent. She gave up her career and moved along with her young son across the country to be close to him. Bundy's cynically took advantage of her loyalty to try and help his case. He made balloon his spokesperson to the outside world. She tirelessly talk to the media on his behalf insisting that the police had the wrong man. She was present in the courtroom as well supporting him throughout the trial and even helping him dispute evidence. The prosecution's key exhibit was a bite mark taken from victims buttocks bundy's crooked and chipped. Front teeth matched the bite but he argued otherwise. He claimed that he chipped his tooth well in jail in march of nineteen seventy eight two months after the chi omega murders occurred in january to prove this he called boon to the witness stand during her testimony. Boone alleged that in late nineteen seventy seven. She visited him at colorado jail for seven consecutive days. She recalled that at the time bundy's front tooth wasn't chipped. It was a clever ploy but ultimately unsuccessful on july twenty fourth nineteen seventy-nine a jury convicted bundy on two

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