Best of the Archives: Whitney Houston (2017)

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Built to last is a podcast. By american express the highlights the stories history and legacy of black owned small businesses that shape american culture in honor of black history month. American express is continuing to shine a light on these businesses by releasing special episode highlighting. Roshni cod the first coffee vendor in new orleans and sip and saunder a community and wellness focused coffee shop in inglewood california. Listen to this episode and the debut season of built to last on spotify apple youtube. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Wear them yes so there are like maybe two things that happened when people stop me on the street even during this pandemic to say something about the show thing number one that they say is. Where's jona so there's three things. Where and then i love the show warrant you making more of it when episode. We are working on it every day. I promise you all we really are. They're coming in march and the third thing frequently is they love the whitney houston episode that we did in two thousand seventeen meet you. Yes i mean. It is one of my favorite episodes to way. Oh i did not know you in you bad layers multitudes dab anyway we know her legacy. It's been so overshadowed by the circumstances for death and and it was really hard even at that point in two thousand seventeen with these two documentaries coming out about her life to really think about what her musical legacy was so. I don't know. I think i'm proud of that episode because we actually did a thing that neither of those movies really. They weren't about loving her as much as we love her. They were about dissecting her you and i wanted to offer a tribute. We wanted living memorial. About how important she is to us. And that's why it's one of my favorite episodes so we bring you now. We will always love you. Whitney houston from two thousand. Seventeen

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