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Afternoon and welcome here. Force basketball on extra sports 1300 on a Wednesday afternoon. Final home game of the year for the Air Force Falcons as they look to split the season. Syriza with the New Mexico Lobos, New Mexico came in here on Monday night and beat Air Force 73 65. The Lobo's ended a five game losing streak. The Falcons losing streak went to 10 with that setback, and that set back looking like so many Air Force games as of late where the Falcons fall behind. Catch up in this case had a seven point lead in the second half through Mexico would tie the game, the locals would pull ahead by seven Air Force would get to within two. The Falcons would run out of gas is the locals had one Maura run in them. Then Air Force did is the Falcons Trump to four and 17 and two and 15 in the mountain west to Mexico. With that victory went to six and 13, and they are two and 13. In Mountain West plague and again final home game of the regular season and there were a lot of things that Air force did well, and Joe Scott continues to talk about the process. Playing well. The process hasn't led to the results, and some would argue, not even argue, but some would say that's the last piece of this puzzle. Air Force has done a lot of the things just got wants them to do. But they're not seeing the end result. And that's marks in the win column. So the Falcons will try at it again today against the New Mexico Lobos here on extra sports 1300 Air Force basketball

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