Why Inner Work is THE Missing Link to Your Health with Dr. Mary Pardee


Mary. Welcome back to the podcast. Thank you good to be back for folks. That didn't hear our first conversation Will be linking to all that in the show notes. We did a really good interview with you. That a lot of people really appreciate it. Which was if you do a modern day. Physical if you're gonna go through a modern day. Physical what are the additional test and also. What are the optimal numbers that you want to be hitting when it comes to vitamin d or like a mega three. Two mega six ratio. Telomeres like you basically walked people through a modern day. Physical is pretty in depth. I think it was like a two hour interview. People really loved it and so they can check that out on the show notes. That was a really fun. One this one is going to be a little bit different. We have a whole host of topics we want to get into. Vaccines wanna hear your perspective as a functional medicine and naturopathic doctor. We're gonna chat about gut health and a few other topics to To come up so. I'm excited to get into it before we jump on the topic of vaccines. I want to ask you where in la. You live in los angeles. I live in los angeles And it's been california's been one of the most strict sort of lockdowns. Although now things are starting to ease backup. You couldn't even do outdoor dining before but now that's kind of easing up a little bit. How has the last year. Like twenty twenty. How is that for you from like a social interactions standpoint. You at least as far as i know you live alone at the moment. Danso for you. And i'm asking you because i know that in addition of functional medicine naturally the medicine. You're super into this whole aspect of mental health and i think that mental health has been one of the things that we have not balanced out the repercussions of strict strict. Strict lockdowns love california. But that's definitely been one of the places how has been the last house twenty twenty for you from a social standpoint and mental health standpoint. Yeah i think this is a great topic. I was talking to omid our mutual friend. Dr omid naim. Yep and he's been on the podcast as well but just yesterday. We had this conversation and we were talking about how you know. We've had a lot of deaths from covid and that's something that we need to focus on for sure but i think that there is a little bit of an exchange that's happening were not realizing the impact of mental health and the deaths. That are gonna come from that aspect of it so we were talking about. relapses of addiction. That are happening right now. Right and we're seeing people relapse at much higher rates because of social isolation most probably they don't have people to reach out to they don't have places to go in person and have that contact And so i think it is something that we're not really looking at as closely as we should be for me. Personally it's been. It was a tough year for sure. living by yourself not being married you know being single in an apartment by yourself without roommates a whole different thing and for me. Personally i had a small group of friends. Rise that i'm going to see these people still And i think that you have to do something like that for your mental health. If you don't have family that are local or you don't have a significant other or a roommate that you live with. You have to kind of make your family And so that's how i went about it and I don't know how. I would have done it differently because i think if you do full solitude isolation and that can be really scary for somebody totally. Was there anything that you tapped into any new rituals or things that you were doing that you hadn't really done as much of in the past. Yeah absolutely it was a big year of Tapping into my spirituality. They the last twelve months. I did more like soul searching and digging than i've ever done in my life And i've heard that being a common theme for other people to really figuring out like what is important to me Was a big was a big part of twenty twenty There's a lot of time to do that. There's a lot of quiet time There wasn't as much travel for me. Either so i was kind of grounded in l. a. and have the time to do that soul-searching but yeah getting in touch with spirituality and figuring out like what is true authentic self. Like what do i want for myself was Was really significant for me this past

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