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Saudi arabia announces new. Modernisation laws in australia reporter is arrested in beijing for espionage. Denmark announces a large construction project. And the skinniest house in london is put up for sale. This is the world at large. We are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone and to keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the link. Our description you can support us by leaving a review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody welcome to another episode of the world at large now before a hand the reins over to our residents international news experts. Josh over here. I would just like to say that what we do. It's is quite a bit of work between the instagram account in the podcast and all the research and brainstorming things to make for you and we really want to build a strong community So one way one thing we're got launched and we hope that you guys will be there to join us is a discord. Were we communicate with you. Guys have debate. Ask questions and you don't get all warm and fuzzy together you know talk to each other is really site. You guys think about joy and we'll put a link in the description and along with her discord. we are also making a patriot. That's right were we will be making extra content like calling in to chat with us yours. Truly you could chat with fultz live by Donate to patriot. Which is pretty awesome and that way you will be supporting the work that we do which we totally do in our free time as i said earlier and it will just make motivated now. That's enough of that kind of that. Ruckus sorry soap josh taken away with saudi arabia. Yeah yeah. I expect the patriots guys all right saudi arabia who we got a lot of stuff going on there because hamas sought ma the crown prince of saudi arabia is decided to go through a modernisation face. The he has for a while. But saying i am going to modernize the kingdom. I'm going to be the prince. That never was the knight in shining armor to the damsel in distress. That is of course the saudi kingdom. I thought your say me. And ian ian is the damsel. He's not a very good damsel all without self. Say that much but he cuts eddie of. Let down your hair okay. Nice so have all these judicial reforms for the kingdom because there's this thing in saudi arabia where the judges they kind of make their own decisions like tiny little tiny little laws but for the most part they kind of just like they go off the gulf though win. Because there's no actual formal salt lake. National legalized code of law in saudi arabia. So that and i'm going to get into that but this is why there is a lot of human rights issues in the country regarding gender equality because there's no formal law saying that. You can't do that. Can't you can't discriminate based on gender. So then stuff like this happens so muhammad bin salman is saying you know what enough enough. It's time for us to stop getting condemned by the international organizations. Now i love it. I love being condemned by the international organizations. In fact it makes me smile. But but i i just don't have time for anymore i. It's not something i want to deal with. I think it might be good to just move on a life so according to saudi state media There will be four new laws. That are soon to be finalized. These laws are very interesting And they are false. They are the personal status law the civil transaction the penal code of discretionary sanctions and the law of evidence. You might be wondering what does that mean. What are these laws. And look i love to. I mean i would love to do it so much. I mean it may be so happy to tell you. However i can't because muhammad bin salman has not actually disclosed what these laws are going to be He said oh. We're going to release them or they're going to trickle out over time. You know we can't do it all it wa- sent email. He'll talk to me. I mean we requested for comment but they don't usually get the probably going in their spam folder. Just like the queen's these national governments never get back to us. i couldn't imagine lie. I'm however let's see what prince months he said quote. The new laws represent a new wave of reforms that will increase the reliability of procedures and oversight mechanisms as cornerstones in cheating the principles of justice. Clarifying lines of accountability So yeah that's what they're supposed to do. It's it's trying to make more organi state. One of the twenty first century everyone. Everyone has laws nowadays. Why not saudi arabia. Everyone stealing it. Yes it's like a comedy but you know if they do they know they do they do it to. Yeah if they do it too late then you know everyone by that point. No one's gonna have laws anymore so you got keep up with the system. It's a fad right. Y- you can't can't do it last second does it matter anymore so anyways while the specifics of these laws are not yet known. Saudi media has said that they will be announced as i said that be released slowly throughout twenty twenty one a hover as i said. Saudi arabia does not have a Confined legal system.

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