Is the Lake Tahoe NHL tournament even going to happen?

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Let's look towards the future a little bit. Not as far ahead as the Stanley Cup, but Lake Tahoe this weird middle of the Season tournament. They're doing it Lake Tahoe Bruins flyers and blues and the golden knights long is this going to happen coz judging off the past a week? I don't know about this one sure. She doesn't like it's going to happen or if it is it's going to be some different teams in what we expect wage. Going into it was Bruins flyers and then golden knights and the Avalanche and got the blues. I don't know why I said the blues. Yeah. Yeah. It's everyone's right stuff. Yeah, it is. You're right. You're right off of busy with the blues are busy paying playing the kind of like an extra free, So but no you look at it. Right. I mean the fly is I get we should knock on wood that took over, you know, when this podcast drops. Hopefully the Bruins don't have any issues because it seems like we have another outbreak starting in Philly where Drew Justin Braun I think trapped behind choice of these people are my fantasy team. I think what gets lost in this is these people are who cares what their health? It's my fantasy team. I know it's it's a rough hit the Evan paragraph but like, yes you go. Look at Philly their home of three guys. Now where there's smoke there's fire when it comes to these things that you have to imagine this probably going to be more they already postponed one game that Philly was going to play against the capital. So after monitor that situation not just for the Flyers birth Phle knock on wood. This wasn't a case for the Bruins were affected because the Bruins played Philly just last week. So you get the commander that and then we've got this absolute shitshow of a situation now in Vegas where they already shut things down for you know over a week when they had a few guys test positive and they play that game against Anaheim they hold out a guy after a second. Turns out. I think Frank seravalli said that whoever was it was held out tested positive which like why the hell was this guy playing so I love this whole pulling people out of games Midway through like it's going to have colpitis like like what is that? Just what like that doesn't help anything that already there. They've already been there and that was a situation to like Kevin Duran had that situation with the Nets where that was a case of fact, I think he was in close contact with someone who tested positive like this is even worse cuz there was a dude who was legitimately tested positive. So this guy was walking around her standing around rather like dead. Yeah, I mean Santa tell me it's you know, I don't think that it's going to be situation where the NHL is going to be like where we're shutting everything down for like a week or two if they going to do that yet, but they've got A Sneak there, you know, the testing protocols or what-have-you whether it's you know men dating rapid testing cuz I don't know how that Vegas player maybe is tests were inconclusive how he's allowed to play if they don't have his tests in yet. They don't have those results in yet. Like would you rather be safe than sorry that situation like it would suck. It's like just off of poor testing you may turn around. It's like the Bruins didn't have pasta or something just off of Adelaide test, but rather that up and then having a situation where you could have an outbreak on your team. So yeah, I mean I listen to Lake Tahoe things only it's less than two weeks away. You've gotta either nip it in the blood in terms of what you're doing to stop these outbreaks or you can just switch the teams around because like well, Been announced that even with no fancy like all right. What are we doing? Like the why are we sending these teams out to Lake Tahoe? Here's the cool Optics of it going to change, you know the coffee break the ice. Yeah, like the decision to like risk it in a year. We're already you've done a pretty shity job. Like

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