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This is bloomberg daybreak here for this friday. The twenty second of january in london. Coming up this hour lockdown into summer. Boris johnson signals the long haul for the uk virus battle. The chancellor is said to be considering plans to move towards closing the public spending deficit and he's march budget the brutal truth joe biden signs of a national strategy to tackle the us virus crisis which he says will worsen before it improves. The global stock rally pauses on new pandemic curves and doubts about the prospects for us stimulus. Comic is in the uk off of praise for brexit aren't committing to new investments yet and parts of hong kong said to be coming under the city's first lock down as cases there surge. I'm leon guarantee woke news of president. God wants of a double dip. Recession in the euro area as european leaders just a bleak picture for the continent with the new virus streit spreading. That's all straight ahead on bloomberg

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