US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to review US-Taliban agreement

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President biden says he'll review the agreement reached between the trump administration and the taliban in afghanistan last year. Npr's showed roscoe reports biden's national security advisor has already spoken with his afghan counterpart according to the national security council. Jake sullivan toll. Afghan officials that the us remains committed to achieving a permanent ceasefire sullivan said the biden administration will look into whether the taliban are at biding by their commitments to cut ties with terrorists and reduce violence as president. Donald trump reduce the number of us troops stationed in afghanistan to two thousand five hundred bide his nominee for secretary of state. Tony blinken told congress at his confirmation hearing that biden wants to bring us forces home but he also wants to make sure that gains against terrorism and rights for girls and women are not threatened. Aisha roscoe npr news. The white house there continues to be a major gulf between how many covid nineteen vaccine dozes have been delivered to states and the number of people who actually got vaccinated the cdc reports only about fifty percent. The available shots have been given so far as wellstone reports. It's a confusing national picture with governors in some states like west. Virginia georgia new york clamoring for more supplies and many who oversee vaccine distribution say. They still don't know week to week exactly what they'll beginning. Meanwhile more than half of states have now opened a vaccine eligibility to people over sixty five. Jennifer nozoe is at johns hopkins university. Ryan have to shift at least in part away from this sort of slow stepwise work of trying to schedule a high priority individuals to more of a mass vaccination approach a recent national survey finds more than half of americans don't know exactly when or where they'll get vaccinated for npr news. I'm wellstone. Us corona virus infections have now surpassed twenty four million eight hundred thousand more than four hundred. Fourteen thousand people have died. This is npr. Pope francis has issued a warning on the danger of misinformation just days after he was the subject of a fake news report. Npr silvio pohjola reports. The pope praise journalists but also warned. News can be manipulated in his message for the catholic churches world. Communications day francis said the risk of misinformation being spread on social media is evident to everyone and manipulation of us and images is often prompted by sheer narcissism. He did not mention a false report that went viral earlier. This month that he had been arrested by italian police. Francis expressed words of gratitude for journalists who often risk their lives to report on the hardships endured by persecuted minorities in various parts of the world. But he added. Investigative reporting is often replaced by a tendentious narrative created in newsrooms and he urged journalists to hit the streets and verify situations firsthand. Super bowl jolie. Npr news rome. One of the best known television interviewers. Larry king has died. The peabody award winner is being remembered for interviewing literally thousands of people celebrities presidents philosophers literary figures even criminals over more than sixty years. He had said he was always engrossed in the conversation. Always listening to the answer. I'm always learning so. I guess i'm better every day at learning. Larry king died at a hospital in los angeles. This is npr.

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