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Migration in Mexico and the United States, as well as to promote developed in the northern Triangle of Central America, the Biden administration They've made it clear that they would like to see a pathway to citizenship for some estimated 11 million people functions. Mark MEREDITH, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau this week publicly criticized President Biden's decision, too. In construction of the Keystone Pipeline today. President Biden phones British Prime Minister Boris Johnson The prime minister's office is a broad ranging called test on the pandemic. Along with the Bite administration's plans to rejoin the Paris climate accord in the World Health Organization. Johnson's priority is forging a new trade deal with the U. S. The backlash continues after hundreds of National Guard troops were forced to sleep in a parking garage after Inauguration Day. The National Guard says it's cutting its forces 26,000 down to 7000 by the end of the month. But as many as 5000 whole brigade will stay through mid March out of concerns some pros Chester's might return that historic inauguration date of March forth before 1937 All presidents took office in March over 100. National Guardsmen deployed the Washington tested positive for the coronavirus. The guard blames the Capitol police for the garage snafu. The police denied the accusation. Fox is Lucas Tomlinson and the Detroit Lions in quarterback Matthew Stafford of reportedly mutually agreed to part ways Stafford was the number one draft choice for the Lions in 2009. America is listening. Fox News

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